a fan wanted to call his daughter Libertine, but the registry refused!

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Since her debut, Mylène Farmer has created a strong bond with her audience, who have an unwavering love for her. And she does them well. Following the cancellation of his two concerts at the Stade de Francethe iconic singer announced postponement of these dates crucial next year, and played extra time in adding a third show on October 1, 2024.” You gave me an extraordinary gift of life to be there, always, for so long. THANKS she confided, very moved, to the 42,000 spectators who came to applaud her during the first of her two concerts at the Matmut Atlantique stadium in Bordeaux last weekend. And the passion of some fans sometimes goes very far, as when Julien, originally from Strasbourg, got into the habit of camping several weeks before the star’s concerts to be sure of being in the front row.

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“The first name was unfortunately refused to us”

He admits having taken three months of unpaid leave to attend almost all of his idol’s new tour. He follows her since her beginnings and does not skimp on anything to see her in concert » indicated The voice of the North in a report on a small group of fans who had been camping for a month in front of the Pierre-Mauroy stadium in Lille, taking turns between the tents and a rented apartment next door so as not to lose their privileged position to attend the very first. In his “Special Edition” devoted to Mylène Farmer, The Parisian went to meet his most devoted admirers. Among them, Johan Bacot Thevelein, 49, confided openly about his devouring passion for the singer. ” I have it in my skin explains this restaurateur from the Gard who owns a fifties » tattoos related to Mylène Farmer all over the body (her face on the pectoral, the inscriptions “Innamoramento”, “Oui mais non”, “Optimistique-moi” or “Disobéissance” everywhere, the crucified star on the back …).

With her husband, Johan attended Mylène Farmer’s nine concerts at Paris La Défense Arena in 2019, and he hasn’t missed a single tour of the star since her debut on stage in 1989. Together, they will go to see all the shows of there “Nevermore” tour, even if it means closing their restaurant in June and July, in the middle of the summer season. Their dogs? They are called Lisa, in a nod to the character created by Mylène to whom she pays homage on her title “Lonely Lisa”, and Rêver, named after one of her most moving ballads. During a first marriage, Johan had no less than four children, aged 21 to 28 today. And he gave them names related to the world of Mylène Farmer: Allan, Tristana, Mylène and Allyzee. ” Tristana called herself for 24 hours Libertine but the first name was unfortunately refused to us as a first name (by the civil status services) “indicates this ultra fan, who was still able to leave it to him as a middle name. ” My daughter Allyzee, I wanted to call her either California or Melancholy but my ex-wife refused adds Johan, indicating that none of his children are fans of his idol: They probably overheard it… “.

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