a Minister of National Education to the height in place of Pap Ndiaye?

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Gabriel Attal: a Minister of National Education at the height in place of Pap Ndiaye?

GABRIEL ATTAL. The Ministry of National Education should be entrusted to Gabriel Attal according to BFMTV. This member of the government coveted this function during the previous reshuffle. However, a very tense return to school awaits the future tenant of the Hôtel de Rochechouart.

Gabriel Attal, the youngest of the government, should be appointed Minister of National Education, according to information from BFM TV. The appointment should be formalized this Thursday, July 20, 2023 at the end of the afternoon. The 34-year-old minister already coveted this leading portfolio a year ago, during the previous reshuffle. With this new function, he would continue to climb the political ladder. The young man has already worked behind the scenes at the Ministry of National Education, where he was Secretary of State to Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer from 2018 to 2022. Gabriel Attal is close to Emmanuel Macron. He was one of his spokespersons during the 2017 presidential campaign. He was then appointed Minister Delegate for Public Accounts. His appointment as head of the Ministry of National Education would be a new sign of confidence from the President of the Republic.

If the Minister could finally have what he wants, he should now show himself up to the task and the Ministry of National Education is not the easiest morocco to manage. Jean-Michel Blanquer and Pap Ndiaye know something about it. While the summer break is due to begin at the end of July, the new Minister of National Education should take over the current files while preparing for the start of the school year. Which could be hectic with a teacher pact supposed to change the remuneration of teachers far from unanimous. Projects concerning the baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate admission could also punctuate the first hours of his mandate. “For next year, we absolutely need to change things, the current situation is not suitable,” acknowledged the future predecessor of Gabriel Attal last June. This job will now fall to the new Minister.


Who is Gabriel Attal?

If Gabriel Attal has the gab when it comes to politics, the man is more discreet about his personal life and surprisingly, nothing predestined the young man to embark on political life. His father, Yves Attal, who died of cancer in 2015, was a lawyer and film producer while his mother, Mayor of Couriss, worked in a production company. Born in 1989 in Clamart in the Hauts-de-Seine, Gabriel Attal grew up in Paris with his three sisters. Since then, the Attal family has grown with the adoption of the son of a first cousin who died around 2015, Nikolaï, whose minister confessed to Gala be very close.

The attraction for Gabriel Attal’s politics was born during the 2002 presidential election, which pitted Jean-Marie Le Pen against Jacques Chirac in the second round. The minister was then only 13 years old, but followed his parents in a demonstration against the National Front. This political sense is felt later in the study choices of Gabriel Attal, today a graduate of the Alsatian School, of Science Po Paris for a master’s degree in public affairs, and a law degree from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas. It is an end-of-study internship obtained within the National Assembly which will make the junction between the university course and the political career of Gabriel Attal.

It was under the PS label that Gabriel Attal took his first steps in politics, in 2006, to support Ségolène Royal’s candidacy for the 2007 presidential election. But the young man was already defending a vision of the left where humanist values ​​should rub shoulders with liberalism. After taking positions and political activism during his studies at Sciences Po Paris, Gabriel Attal made his way to the National Assembly and then to the office of the Minister of Health in 2012 and, until 2017, with Marisol Touraine. He holds the role of political adviser and is often at the origin of official speeches.

The year 2017 was a turning point in the biography of Gabriel Attal, who swapped the PS for LREM and joined Emmanuel Macron’s movement from its inception. He is also embarking on the race for legislative in the 10th constituency of Hauts-de-Seine and won. Integrated into the core of the party and noted for his aplomb and his sharp political sense, despite his young age, he was propelled to the role of spokesperson for La République en Marche in 2018 until his entry into the government.

Gabriel Attal was appointed Secretary of State to the Minister of National Education at the age of 29, and became the youngest member of the government of the Fifth Republic. A young age which makes him appear in the eyes of some as a “prodigy” or a “star” of politics. Far from making up the numbers, the young man carries important files for the five-year term such as universal national service. His efforts and his performances in the media are appreciated in high places and open his voice to become government spokesperson, either Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in July 2020, then Minister of Action and Public Accounts for Emmanuel Macron’s second term in May 2022. Gabriel Attal must climb a new step on July 20, 2023 by being appointed head of the Ministry of National Education.

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