A word from the CNRL – 2nd part – News

Hello to you, TricTraciennes and TricTraciens!

Here is the rest of our FAQ relating to our project, that of Digital Center for Recreational Resources (CNRL)! A project that you can support and join now:

Today we are going to give you some information about the association!

As a reminder, you can find the first part of our FAQ in our news last Thursday.

Why the CNRL, the Center for Playful Digital Resources?

We believe that our action can be relevant beyond the backup of TricTrac data. Of course, we want TricTrac to remain a place of convergence for the various players in the gaming world.

So yes, CNRL it’s one more acronym in the galaxy of games. Yes, we stay far from the schoolboy spirit of our favorite axolotl. But for certain requests or behind-the-scenes projects, with associations in the entertainment sector or institutional partners, a high-sounding name can be very useful. And it already is!

Some information on the operation of the association?

The association is managed by a Board of Directors (CA) made up of 10 users of the site, who were at the origin of the project.

We are well aware that parity is far from being respected. It is, to our regret, the reflection of the users of the forum at the present time. As stated in its statutes, you can take a look at it here, the turnover is intended to expand over the next few years and then to renew itself.

It is also composed of an office in charge of current affairs.

One of the priorities is to avoid the personalization of the representation of the association so that the project can last over timebeyond the current team.

And communication in all this: why support us?

Our communication was first directed to the users of the forum and the site itself. At Paris Est Ludique we were then able to initiate the first contact with the players in the entertainment world.

It is of course difficult to support a project led by strangers. In addition, we have, for the moment, no preview of the new site to offer.

To show our realism and our seriousness, we can say that:

  • Asmodée entrusted us with the site following the presentation of our project.
  • We left Paris est Ludique not only reassured but also comforted in our approach and our organization.

Judging the project on documents while waiting for the launch of the new site is perfectly legitimate. We therefore hope convince you by providing you with information as we progress.

We are above all driven by what brings us all together today: the passion for board games!

How can I participate in the project?

For a young association, it is essential to count its supporters. It is the number of members that will give its stability and durability to the structure.. Beyond the CNRL, it is indeed a reappropriation of Tric Trac by its users that we seek to operate, because:

  • There is no longer a charismatic personality at the head of the site,
  • There is no longer a company to finance it.

Consequently, the Tric Trac site will only survive with your participation, which can take several forms (not excluding each other):

Post, post, post…

  • Your opinion on all the games you have played,
  • In the forum,
  • New game sheets…
  • Join: the contribution is 10 euros, but you can put 3000 euros if you feel like it.

A member can be a natural or legal person, we thank you for your support!


  • Inform your entourage of players about the CNRL and its Tric Trac site.
  • Encourage volunteers.


  • Participate in General Assemblies and contribute to the definition of the orientations of the association.

You can also participate more actively by joining the various CNRL organizing committees. These commissions are the link between the Board of Directors and the users.

IT Committee “Netrunner”

To contribute to various IT projects.

Steering Committee “Heat”

  • plan and organize the follow-up of the association’s projects,
  • organize the internal and external communication of the association,
  • animate the life of the site and the Tric Trac community.

Finance Committee “Carnegie”

  • manage the cash flow and follow up on memberships,
  • set up partnerships,
  • and find grants.

Associative Life Commission “Junta”

Participate in the management of associative events and the animation of the association.

Editorial Board “Cyrano”

Define rules for selecting articles in one and participate in the management of editorial content for the Trictrac site.

You can also be part of a group of referent users to improve the functionality of the site.

You can be regularly informed of information from the association (discord access, festival events, current projects, etc.).

You will be invited to any events organized by the CNRL.

That’s all for the moment !

And, little surprise! We will come back very soon by the weekend with a little teaser on the progress of the project!

Have a good week !

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