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Blue Hills Club is a subsidiary investment project of German Organics, which was opened on November 26, 2019. This platform was created to simplify the process of investing in certain industries for ordinary people. Using the project, there is no need to open companies, conclude agreements with brokers and stock exchanges, etc. All you need to do is register on the platform and start investing.

German Organics has been developing and selling minerals in various industrial and non-industrial sectors for 10 years. In the last 3 years, such a metal as Osmium has attracted attention due to its properties. This metal is very limited in production and investing in its production is a good way to increase your capital. The Blue Hills Club was created to concentrate a significant part of the resources on this metal. By investing in the Blue Hills Club project, you get a certain amount of the rare and expensive metal Osmium, which is already showing consistently high growth in value.

The mined metal is stored under contract in Switzerland in the so-called "depot". This storage method was not chosen by chance, since in its pure form, this metal is toxic to humans. We care about our customers and therefore over time we buy out shares of the mined from our investors so that people do not come into contact with harmful metal.


People purchase one or another investment portfolio (portfolios differ in the amount of reserved metal, terms, and their value) for a set period. The funds received are directed to the extraction of Osmium. After the expiration of this or that investment portfolio, we buy back the extracted Osmium from our clients to fulfill our obligations under the agreement (return the invested funds and pay the established interest on the deposit). After all the calculations, we sell the "released" metal to the industry at an approved price, and from here our company has a profit.

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