Access fiber optics at an incredibly low rate with this offer

This technology offers you a fast connection speed and you can, with the box, enjoy it on many different devices.

At Bouygues Télécom at the moment, optical fiber is offered with the Bbox fit box for only 17.99 euros per month for one year against 31.99 euros per month in normal times. You’ll have to redeem and commit for a year, but that’s nothing compared to the 44% off this crazy deal is worth. We are still talking about fourteen euros per month to save, which ultimately represents a particularly plump sum over the entire year. Note, as a bonus, that the Bbox fit is equipped with an Ethernet socket that will allow you to connect a PC or Mac (with adapter) to maximize your chances of enjoying the best possible speed.

I take advantage of the offer

With a good box like the Bbox fit, you will benefit from a full internet connection allowing you, for example, to chat with your friends from the messaging apps that we all know like WhatsApp or Messenger. With this, you will also be able to use your usual inbox to exchange e-mails with your partners or your family. Of course, the connection is compatible with several devices at the same time, so if you want to share it with your friends when they travel to you, that is also possible and at no extra cost.

Amazing ease of use

With the Bbox fit at only 17.99 euros per month for one year, you will also have access to an administration panel directly from your browser. This allows you, for example, to know if an incident has been detected. In this case, a technician contacted by telephone will then be able to access it remotely and help you out. It is also via the control panel that you can, for example, change the Wi-Fi password, which can be very useful for memorizing it more easily than the basic code offered. But that’s not all.

I take advantage of the offer

Indeed, as Bouygues Télécom offers you an online customer space as a bonus, you have the possibility of managing everything from your mobile and without even being at home. So, if it’s a question of changing the offer or adding options, you can do it at any time of the day and relatively quickly. Be aware that you will not have to modify the data envelope if necessary, unlike the mobile plans that we traditionally know. Indeed, with the Bbox fit, an unlimited envelope is at your disposal. Just be aware that the speed will be reduced on each device, if you connect several at the same time. It’s up to you to adapt your setup accordingly!

Bouygues Telecom is a popular operator

In an attempt to convince us, Bouygues Télécom has not only its minimum price of only 17.99 euros per month on the Bbox fit. Indeed, the access provider can also pride itself (among other things) on giving us the benefit of one of the best provided networks in France by covering no less than 90% of the French population with its offers. It’s really practical, even if you will have to take the time to check that your address is eligible for fiber optics in the case of a connection from your home.

If ever you are not eligible for fiber optics, then know that ADSL is waiting for you. This technology is certainly a little less powerful on paper and in reality, but on the other hand the price is sometimes cheaper with certain operators. For businesses, on the other hand, Bouygues Télécom offers other boxes with even more powerful speeds in theory: so don’t hesitate to also consult what is listed on that side.

I take advantage of the offer

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