Albion Online – Albion Online imagines “tracking” to encourage exploration of its open world

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To encourage players to venture into the open world of Albion Online, the studio Sandbox Interactive imagines a tracking system in several stages allowing to reach a boss and the promise of loot rare.

Albion Online immerses its players in a vast open world and studio teams Interactive Sandbox seek to encourage players to spread out more across the different regions of this world – to bring the whole game world to life, not just cities or massive battle zones, but also to better distribute players around the world and avoid lags in crowded areas. For a long time, the studio has therefore multiplied the incentives to venture everywhere in the world of small group games and imagines a new feature that aims for this objective: tracking.

Track a rare creature

In concrete terms, thanks to a tracking kit (which can be crafted via craftsmanship), players will be able to identify “tracks”, traces left on the ground that players can try to follow. These tracks will consist of several stages that must be reached in a limited time, until the target of the hunt is found.

Albion Online: Beyond the Veil

Most often, it will be a rare creature (a boss) that trackers will then have to deal with – the developer clarifies that tracking is a small group activity and if there are too many trackers approaching the target, the creature will flee and the hunt will have to be resumed. Similarly, tracking is a “personal” activity, so players need not fear being joined by hostile players who might attack them in pvp (some players are put off by the risks of PvP in the open world, and are therefore reluctant to venture outside the marked paths of the game universe).

Successfully defeating tracked creatures willget loot. Eventually, the rewards will be varied, but initially, they will obviously be linked to the new “shapeshifting” system of the MMORPGs. As we know, the studio recently sketched out the new mechanism of shapeshifting sticks that allow a character to change shape temporarily, to adopt the appearance of a monster and be endowed with its skills and abilities.

We understand that tracking should therefore encourage players to further explore the game universe in small groups, offer new challenges to players who love exploration and content PvE open, but while also fleshing out the shapeshifting system – the developer promises to continue on this path with the next updates of Albion Online.

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