Apple is reportedly working on a completely new foldable device and it’s not what we think

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Apple is reportedly working on a completely new foldable device and it's not what we think

While many users are waiting for Apple to launch a foldable iPhone in the next few years, the firm may well surprise its fans by unveiling a completely different device.

It has been several years now that foldable smartphones have established themselves in the landscape. If Samsung was one of the precursors in the field, the South Korean firm now has many competitors with the arrival of Oppo and Motorola. A market that is also increasingly in demand by consumers with the proliferation of foldable smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, whose sales are only increasing with each new version.

Still, if there’s one long-awaited builder in the foldable phone market, it’s Apple. Many fans of the firm are waiting for a first foldable iPhone that would provide formidable competition to Samsung in this sector. According to initial reports, however, Apple could surprise many people by unveiling a foldable device… which has nothing to do with an iPhone!

A foldable screen made in Apple?

Several reports establish that Apple has already been working on foldable screen technologies for several years. However, the firm does not intend to launch into a new market before the latter is completely stable (some foldable smartphones having experienced many inconveniences at their launch).

And when it does arrive, the foldable screen doesn’t appear to be planned for an iPhone or iPad, according to the site. BusinessKorea, very knowledgeable about tech. According to the first leaks available on the web, Apple is working on a foldable screen technology for its famous laptop: the MacBook.

You read correctly: according to the portal specializing in South Korea, already known for having reported multiple leaks, Apple plans to unveil its very first MacBook with a foldable screen by 2025 for the release of a few models the following year. The strategy behind such a product would be to offer an experience halfway between the iPad and the MacBook. So imagine a super-powerful laptop that folds up to be used as a tablet when you need it.

The first rumors about a foldable Apple device already mentioned an iPad tablet that could retract. Apple would therefore return to this initiative by mixing two of its most famous products: the MacBook and the iPad. We now wonder at what price such a product could be offered as foldable screens cost a small fortune to produce…

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