Calogero jostled by love in the clip “The departure hall”

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Last January, Calogero celebrated France on the unreleased title “By choice or by chance”only a few months after the release of the reissue of his latest album “Downtown” (180,000 sales). The one who was president of the last Victoires de la Musique ceremony then began his real comeback with first the announcement ofa great tour in 2024, which will stop in particular in the largest indoor venue in Europe, Paris La Défense Arena, on March 9. And until then, the artist intends to thrill the public with the songs of his new album “LOVE”, expected September 8. In order to lift the veil on the disc universe, Calogero is currently sharing the single “The Departure Hall”in duet with Marie Poulain.

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“Soon we’re getting closer”

With each album, I welcome a new author. This time, it’s Marie, who wrote the texts for four songs. I met her through a mutual friend. She hasn’t released any records yet but is very talented » confides Calogero to the Parisianwho worked differently with her: “ Usually, I compose and send the music with a theme idea to my authors. This time she was in the studio when I was composing, sitting cross-legged behind me, writing live. I had never worked like this “. Their collaboration therefore hatched on “Le hall des Départs”, a melancholy and intense ballad where their voices merge perfectly: ” Soon, we are getting closer / To the arrival or the departure / Soon, we will be far / For that, we are always late / Soon we will be near or far / But it is only temporary / Soon, we are getting closer / To the arrival or the departure “.

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A month and a half before the release of the album “LOVE”, Calogero unveils today the black and white clip of the “Hall of departures”. Each on their side, the artist plays bass while Marie Poulain shines on the piano, but passion will see them get closer. The couple, linked by endless sleeves, will then embark on a poetic and tumultuous ballet, like a romantic relationship. Anyway, the start of the school year will be busy for Calogero. In parallel with the release of his project, he will soon become actor in a TV movie on M6while it will be found on the albums “Umbrella Heart” of Hoshi and “2bis” of Florent Pagnywith whom he will share the duo “Châtelet les halles”.

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