Christopher Nolan would be very honored to join the franchise (but will he?)

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busy promoting Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan confided that directing the next installment of the franchise james bond would be a “huge privilege”.

For a few months already, the name of Christopher Nolan has been simultaneously on everyone’s lips and omnipresent in each of the columns of the specialized press. And rightly so: his pharaonic Oppenheimer now on display, the director skilfully slaloms between rave reviews and various interviews.

Interviews which have already raised many expectations among aficionados of the filmmaker. Since Youtubeur Hugo Décrypte’s recent video, rumors have started to report that Nolan could, for example, lead one of the next Star Wars. But it would seem that the Briton is, at least for the time being, preoccupied by another franchise.

royal director

In support of American screenwriters and actors, Nolan has already revealed that he has no films planned until the strike movements will persist in Hollywood. Nevertheless, the director did not try to hide his enthusiasm at the microphone of the podcast Happy, Sad, Confused since the famous James Bond invested the exchange:

“I love these movies. Their influence on my filmography is so apparent it’s embarrassing […]. It would be a huge privilege to be able to lead one, but on the other hand, agreeing to tackle a character like that comes with a whole range of constraints. And it’s about having the right attitude with regard to these constraints […] otherwise, all sorts of things can go wrong.

These are the kind of responsibilities I was thinking of when I accepted Batman […]. What you may have to bring to the character must be necessary, expected and desired. […]. Besides, I’m very happy to be the first to see what they [les producteurs de la franchise, ndlr] have planned”.

Casino Royale : Fotograf Daniel Craig, Mads MikkelsenThe art of negotiation

Of course, this is not the first time that the filmmaker has expressed his desire to direct the iconic character while avoiding giving a frank and definitive answer. Note, however, that in 2017, Nolan had already told Playboy to be very enthusiastic about the idea, and that the dialogue with the producers remained perpetually open.

Will the director direct the twenty-sixth installment in the franchise? To date, nothing is less certain, but it is almost certain that such a collaboration would have plenty to bring in the crowds in theaters. Until then, his Oppenheimer has been available in theaters since July 19.

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