Com2uS – Com2uS launches pre-registration for SPAXE, the “meta-community” of its metaverse

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Com2uS aims to lay the foundations for the “new generation Internet”, via its metaverse. The studio is about to launch SPAXE, a community-based digital world to work and play, and is opening pre-registrations.


Is the metaverse the future of the Internet? The first attempts are obviously not very conclusive, but various players in the virtual universe industry are investing in it nonetheless. In the lot, we find in particular Com2us via its subsidiary Com2verse, which defines itself as a “channel that connects real life and the virtual world”. Concretely, Com2verse intends to design and operate a digital world (a metaverse) in which users could “work, play and live”, with the ambition of making it a next-generation Internet based on meta-browsing via 3D avatars.

The studio is about to launch a first “all-in-one” space in its metaverse, called “SPAXE” and to serve as a framework for the emergence of a “meta-community” of users – the “SPAXE” is a “space” where users can live “experiences”. More concretely, SPAXE promises to “transpose real-world activities such as work, leisure or play into a digital world to make it a living space for everyday life”. Still in preparation, this digital world must gradually expand with the addition of different “services”. Initially, users will be able to work on it – in other words, organize videoconference meetings in virtual meeting rooms via avatars, integrating a AI capable of generating exchange reports. Later, the studio will add commercial spaces (3D online shops) and a convention center.

In anticipation of an upcoming launch, the studio is launching pre-registrations in South Korea (until July 31) allowing “companies and individuals” to reserve their place in SPAXE – initially giving access to a “communication room equipped with collaborative tools that can be used for all commercial and community activities, including audio and video communication tools, screen sharing and transcription of exchanges via AI”. According to Com2verse specifies that the first month is free and that a second month of access will be offered to pre-registered – but without specifying the cost which will be invoiced beyond.
We will no doubt be curious to discover the enthusiasm that the Com2verse initiative will generate (or not), while waiting to discover that the metaverse is likely to become “the Internet of the future”.

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