Firebird finally finds its release date on PC, see you in August for the French narrative road-trip

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If you like narrative games that grant different endings based on your actions or dialogue choices, you should take a closer look at this. Firebird. Indeed, like another French indie game, Ashwalkers, you will have to wander by finding the “right path” (if there is one) in order to reach the village in question with enough resources and without obviously perishing. The trip is not easy, you will indeed have to meet about twenty colorful characters like a certain Ivan, driving the Gray Wolfor various events jeopardizing your progress in the most total cold.

While Mariska and a strange stranger named Vassilissa venture into the great Siberian cold aboard a truck, the Firebird, they will have to collect resources over their wanderings, finds that may prove crucial at times, while the goal will be to start again and again to discover the different subtleties offered by the different paths taken. For this, the title promises us a short epic to promote replayability. Picturesque and snowy landscapes will be on the program in a visual novel style of the most beautiful effect.

Several scales and items will be monitored so as not to end your adventure early, such as money, your gasoline, but also the condition of the Firebird in order to be able to continue serenely. Everything is presented to us as an interactive game with multiple endings associated with our choices through simple and peaceful gameplay, the opportunity to make a breakthrough in the Slavic folklore and all its tales such as Baba Yaga, perfect for spending a summer between two behemoths. We do not yet know the real scope of the choices but the whole seems quite promising.

If the names associated with Firebird are not unknown to you, it is because among the contributors to this future title hides a certain FiberTigera narrative designer and game designer well known to fans of role-playing games, and particularly specialist in non-linear narration, in addition to being a talented comic book author and one of the creators of the famous online role-playing game Game of Roles with mistermv, or other games also presented during our previous AGFD editions, such as Aria’s Worlds And out therea license that has already proven itself for many years.

We should also note the crucial presence of a talented artist, Quentin Vijoux, author of the handmade illustrations in this work from Lille. Ludogram, the studio behind this project, is based in Lille and employs around thirty people. In particular, he has already published a mobile game called Light. Moreover, if you are interested, on the occasion of the revelation of their next headline, Aria’s Worlds, we were able to meet last year the founder and CEO of the studio, Edouard Gaudelto tell us more about their various projects.

If the urge to take out your anorak is unbearable for you, don’t panic, your wait will be short-lived since we have just learned that Firebird will be available only in dematerialized version at the low price of €11.99 on Steam from August 2, while the Nintendo Switch version will be released a little later, at an undetermined date. Note the presence of versions subtitled in English, French and Russian.

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