Florent Pagny without taboo on the evolution of his cancer

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After a year and a half of focusing on his battle against cancer, Florent Pagny returns to the spotlight. At the Nîmes festival, the patron of French song is back on stage with emotion for the first time since the cancellation of his previous tour. Faced with an audience very touched by this reunion, the interpreter of “My freedom of thought” even sang the title “If you want to try me” in duet with Zazie. After the success of his autobiography sold over 125,000 copiesthere is no doubt that the French will be there for “2bis”, his new duet album expected this fall. The first extract available is a duet with Christophe Maé on “And one day a woman”. ” For two weeks, I’ve been in the studio doing all the duets with all my classmates. As there are 20 duets, this allowed me to resume some training and see if I could sing. My voice hadn’t moved too much, but it was the distance, the oxygen… “he explained on RTLanxious not to make the same mistake twice.

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“Things Can Come Back”

Because after a first round of radiotherapy, Florent Pagny had made the decision last year to return to Patagonia against the advice of doctors. Unfortunately, he faced cancer recurrence. ” I gave myself a chance. I stopped treatment. So I started this treatment again. I started other treatments that require going every three weeks. New examinations show that this is disappearing. But now, I no longer let go of my treatment! confides the artist in an interview granted to The Cultural Cravingin which he claims to be in another, more cautious state of mind: “ Today, I keep a low profile, I stop bragging because it comes, it goes, I make it cool… “. Being able to sing in concert showed Florent Pagny that he had not lost his technical skills. On the other hand, it must adjust to new parameters: My problem is not my voice, but the management of my oxygen “.

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To the magazine Gala, he indicated last month having to deal with this new data. ” My voice is fine, it is not affected by the treatment. That’s not the problem. What worries me is my oxygen. The products that we take during a treatment against cancer, make you lower the hemoglobin and therefore the oxygen. I can’t run, I can’t force yet because I feel the aftershocks right away “explained the musician, who took the full measure of his condition:” Cancer cannot be cured in four days with antibiotics or six months of chemotherapy. Even if it goes well, overnight (…) things can come back “. It is a long-term fight that the artist must now lead.

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