Blue Hills Club

About is the hassle free way to listen to old time radio shows directly in your podcast player of choice. Simply generate a link and copy it into the search bar of your podcast player.

How To Subscribe

  1. Click on the generate url button at the bottom of the page. A textbox should appear (if this does not happen make sure JavaScript s turned on and try again)
  2. Copy the content of the text box into clipboard
  3. the podcast app of your choice (eg. Apple podcast) and paste the link you just copied into the search box


Thank you for taking interest in my small project. The best way to contact me is by email at and ill be happy to respond to any bug reports or general querys.


Please note that dose not host any of the episode files.

All the files are hosted by the old time radio researcher group’s and the internet archive. All episode have been listed under a creative commons licence. However if your believe these files have been wrongly classified and that your copyright has been violated please contact me at and I do my best to reply in a timely manor.

thank you


Please not at the current time there is no way to donate directly to me but I plane to intrude a patron in future. In the meantime you can donate to the wonderful people who provide the list episode titles and release dates and the people that host the episodes at