Is Ninho still number one against Taylor Swift and Keen’V?

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Based on figures from SNEP and the Official Charts Company institute, the Top Albums communicated by Purecharts compiles physical sales, downloads and equivalent sales linked to performances on streaming platforms, including the back catalog (albums with more than 3 years of ‘seniority).

Look no further, we know who will spend the whole summer at the top of the Top Albums! For the second week in a row, Ninho is number one in sales with his latest album “NEITHER”. Thanks to a reissue of five titles (already!), the record holder of French rap sells nearly 20,000 additional copies of the project, a decrease of 46%. It nevertheless stands up to the two big outings of the week, first of all Taylor Swift. While his concerts in Paris and Lyon are for sale this week, his album “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” between second with 11,100 counter sales, including 8,600 in physical. This is his second best French debut behind “Midnights” (number one last October) but the biggest score for the re-recording of one of his albums. She outclasses Keen’Vthird with “Equilibre” which made 8,000 French people dance on the road to vacation.

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The double for Lana Del Rey !

Faced with this leading trio, Jul logically fell to fourth position but “When does it go out?” still sells 8,000 copies (-12%). Behind, Werenoi and Tiakola resist with 3,900 and 3,600 checkouts for “Carré” (+4%) and “Melo” (+3%). Three novelties follow: rapper Deen Burbigo enters seventh directly with “OG San” (3,600 sales), ahead of British rocker PJ Harvey (“I Inside The Old Year Dying”) and Houdi (“Sun 7”), both credited with 3,200 prints. Finally, the phenomenon rapper SDM brings up the rear with the unstoppable “Liens du 100”, which still unites 3,100 fans (+5%). In the rest of the ranking, we can note the pretty double of Lana Del Rey. Thanks to his concert at the Olympia and the viral success of “Radio”, his cult album “Born to Die” gains a place and is 34th, still seducing 1,800 nostalgic people. And his latest project “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd” explodes: he goes from 184th to 43rd place with 1,600 units on the clock. That’s an increase of 134%!

On the other hand, it decreases for Mylène Farmer. His last album “The influence” plummets from 8th to 67th place with 1,300 copies on the clock (-58%). Behind, Wham! arrives 74th with the best-of “The Singles: Echoes From The Edge of Heaven” (1,200 purchases) in parallel with the release of a documentary on Netflix. Finally, the return of Anohni and the Johnsons (ex-Anthony and the Johnsons) does not sparkle: the album “My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross” interests only 638 curious people, at the 206th march …

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