Jul’s hit “Organized Band” breaks a record and goes down in history!

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It’s a title that has branded the recent history of French rap with a hot iron, and it doesn’t seem to be about to stop. Indeed, during the year 2020, Jul had invited many Marseille rappers like SopranoAkhenaton and Shurik’n from IAM, Alonzo, L’Algérino, Vincenzo, SCH, Kofs, Soso Maness or Naps on the collaborative project “13 Organized”. The first single from this record was none other than “Organized Gang”, quickly became the hit of the summer and of the year, exploding all expectations on streaming platforms. Number one for 12 weeks in France, the festive anthem on which we can hear the phrases ” Yes, my spoiled ” Or ” And it goes, zumba, cafew, cafew, carnival became the fastest single to be certified gold (in 13 days), platinum (in 25 days) and diamond (in 38 days), before cross 200 million streams in April 2022. A first in the streaming era!

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Numbers that make you dizzy

Almost three years later, the success of “Organized Band”, interpreted by Jul, SCH, Kofs, Naps, Soso Maness, Elams, Solda and Houari, is always full and the title is still as essential as ever. Thus, the hit is still in the Top 200 of the most listened to singles in France, at the 88th step with even more than 790,000 streams recorded last week. Good news: the hit has once again reached a particularly symbolic level. The tube now has more than 250 million equivalent sales, winning at the same time a quintuple single diamond certification, less than three years after its release. Here again it is a historic record, and all the more so in French rap!

Currently, the “Organized Band” sound led by Jul has more than 230 million plays on the Spotify streaming platform alone and his cult video, shot in particular at the Orange Vélodrome, is close to 470 million. views on YouTube. It is also still the sixth most popular clip currently on the platform. This visual support had also become the fastest in the history of French rap to cross the bar of 100 million views…. in just 48 days. ” Basically, we just made this sound in love mode between Marseille. When we heard the result, we said to ourselves that we couldn’t stop there and that we had to do a whole compilation. Everyone put their ego aside and showed the strength of Marseille. We all got together on the project, everyone gave their best and it resulted in 13 Organized confided the band.

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