Le Seigneur des Anneaux Online – Maintenance des serveurs mercredi 6 septembre de 15h00 à 19h00 (37.0.1)

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Les serveurs du Seigneur des Anneaux Online seront indisponibles mercredi 6 septembre de 15h00 à 19h00 pour l’application d’un correctif.

Les notes de version en français seront publiées ultérieurement.

Au programme : plusieurs corrections de bugs dont celui touchant la mitigation des ennemis, une augmentation de dégâts des armes, attention en l’attente d’un prochain fix, les objets utilisant des effets d’absorption augmentent actuellement les dégâts subis par les joueurs – il est recommandé de ne pas les équiper.

Enfin amis Gardiens, en raison des changements apportés sur la classe, vos arbres de compétences seront de nouveau réinitialisés à l’issue de la maintenance.

Les notes de version :

News and Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • River Hobbit vital portraits now have better animations and character positioning.
  • Race of Men hair now has its correct specular value in DX9.
  • Alken Chubb, an NPC in the Green Dragon, now has his proper name.
  • The Collections panel for the River Hobbit bundle butterflies now properly links to the Superior River Hobbit Bundle in the LotRO Store.
  • Pink distant landscapes in the Vales of Anduin and Wells of Anduin now display as expected. 
  • Storvagon bracelets and several other pieces of jewelry now reflect their appropriate morale benefit.
  • Thrymm’s abilities in combat are now once again functioning in the quest “Remembering Thrymm” in Wildermore.
  • Corrected low Outgoing Healing values in traits and gear.
  • Erroneous enemy mitigations have been corrected.
  • Class items that did not already have their proper ratings now do.
  • In order to compensate for minor losses in player damage due to the conversion of ‘bonus damage’ from skills into weapon damage, weapon-based damage variance has been reduced from 40% or 45% to 25% for all weapon types. This will increase the damage floor of your skills a moderate amount when they do not critically hit.
  • Burglar

    • The damage for Enrage/Clever Retort’s damage over time effect has been corrected.
    • The healing potency of “Mischievous Glee” has been increased.
    • The damage for “Counter Defence/Clever Retort” has been corrected.
    • Statistics that contribute to ratings for Fate and Vitality now properly do.

  • Beorning

    • The Shapeshift critical defence buff now has its proper rating.
    • The healing potency of Recuperate has been increased.
    • “Nature’s Salve” no longer mentions Wrath-generation.

  • Guardian

    • NOTE: Guardians will need to respend their point spends into their traits due to the changes below.
    • Adaptability now reads, “Increase Block and Parry Rating Application Chance”. 
    • Litany of Defiance now properly applies its effect to targets.
    • Protection by the Shield now has its proper text when applied to Fellowship and Raid members.
    • The trait Deeper Wounds no longer affects the “Stabbed” bleed.
    • Guardian’s Ward now displays a zero rating benefit for Tactical Defence ratings. This changes if the Guardian traits “Guardian’s Ward: Tactics.”
    • The Guardian’s Ward effect applied by the trait set “Challenge the Darkness” no longer has a string table error.
    • Radiate no longer says the range is 5 meters when it is actually six.
    • Force Opening can now be properly reset.
    • Catch a Breath and Warrior’s Heart’s healing potency while specialized in Keen Blade is now stronger.
    • Bastion of Light’s effect is no longer larger than it should be when getting a block response.

  • Hunter

    • Hunter class item threat modifiers have been fixed.
    • Searing Heat damage from fire oils are now fixed.

  • Rune-keeper

    • The Rune of Restoration’s healing values have been updated.
    • Some crafted Rune-keeper chisels now have their correct values, although further work remains to be done.
    • Tactical Mitigation values from Armour of the Elements have been corrected.

  • PvMP

    • Corrected some Monster Player In Combat Power Regen values.
    • Blackarrow’s Punctured Target debuff now reduces enemy mitigations by 5% rather than the armour rating it used to, and it can only be applied once per target.
    • Reaver’s Glory in Victory has had its non-initial pulse healing reduced.
    • Weaver’s Strong Brood Poison Cloud now deals level-appropriate damage.

Known Issues

  • General

    • Any items using the Damage Absorption Effect are currently increasing damage that players take. We advise that you unequip these items until we have the fix for this issue.

  • Guardian

    • It is possible for Litany of Defiance to errant apply to the Guardian. We are still looking for the source of this issue.

  • Localization

    • Text from the Instance: “Humble Beginnings” is displaying in English in the French and German clients.  We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and the fix is underway.   

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