Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is full of info with a daunting story trailer, a custom PS5 and a collector’s DualSense controller

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Venom steals the show from our two Spideys

We know that expectations are enormous with regard to this Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 after a tasty first opus and a nice adventure with Miles Morales. We will also find our two heroes in a new adventure with many new antagonists such as Kraven and Venom. The symbiote is of course the star of the Story Trailer presented today. He shows us all his corrupting dangerousness as Spider-Man’s partner, but also his ferocity and power afterwards. The trailer makes us understand who is its host, however we prefer to leave you the surprise.

Via PlayStation Blog, the developers of Insomniac Games, as well as the American actors who lend their voices to the characters, have also expressed themselves on this new scenario. Jon Paquette, head of narration, tells us a little more:

“At the start of our story, our Spider-Men are at the top of their game. But at the same time, Peter Parker and Miles Morales are struggling in their personal lives. Miles tries to find time to write his college entrance essay, but he keeps procrastinating and focusing on Spider-Man’s work instead. Meanwhile, Peter struggles to pay Aunt May’s house installments, but he can’t sell it because it means too much to him. And just like Miles, Peter tries (and fails) to find a balance because of his responsibilities. MJ wants to help Peter with the mortgage, but his job is in jeopardy now that J. Jonah Jameson is back at the Bugle looking to clean up. Our heroes have arrived at a confluence of crossroads, with uncertain futures and difficult decisions to make. »

We are also confirmed what the gameplay trailer had shown us, namely a symbiote which gives him a lot of power, but which weighs down his relationships with his friends. The director of the game, Brian Intihar, also talks about the new skills that we can experience during this sequel.

“We’ve always thought of our Spider-Heroes as ‘improvising acrobats,’ and in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 we wanted to give them new ways to do that in battle. This includes Spider-Arms and Pete’s symbiote powers, while Miles now brings two forms of bioelectric Venom to every fight. And when you start combining these abilities with brand new Spider-Gadgets like the “Web Grabber”, it can lead to some very cool combos. »

Speaking of Venom precisely, the artistic director, Jacinda Chew, reveals the contours of its design.

“Our Venom is inspired by the comics, but there were so many interpretations that it was fun to choose what fits the game. It has a unique take on the white spider icon and has the anatomy of a human. It also has powerful tentacle attacks that can take many forms. Finding the right balance of liquid and solid in Venom’s materials was difficult, as making it too watery makes it weak and making it too solid can quickly turn it into a sprawling monster. Venom should look both powerful and semi-liquid at the same time. »

A PS5 and a controller in the colors of the symbiote

Marvels spider-man 2 ps5 collector 2

In addition to showing us the superb statuette of the collector’s edition on stage, Sony revealed a PS5 and a DualSense controller in the colors of the game. It must be admitted that the design is very successful, but it has also been carefully thought out:

“The design is inspired by the in-game symbiote taking control of the console and controller, but you can still see some of the red under the tentacles. This represents the different ways players will experience taking over the symbiote in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It’s a constant fight for dominance, whether internal or external, and the outcome isn’t certain. »

For this magnificent console, Sony will finally get everyone to agree since you can get the complete bundle or the parts separately. So, if you already have a PS5, you can take advantage of the controller and/or the fronts. Pre-orders will be available from July 28 in France. All these products will be officially available September 1.

However, it is specified that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Bundle includes: Limited Edition PS5 Console, Limited Edition DualSense Controller and Game Code (Digital). We prefer to warn because we know that some people might regret not having the boxed version. marvels spider-man 2 06 3

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5 on October 20. Finally, we share with you the last images of the title.

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