“My primary motivation was the visibility

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Coelho is one of the revelations of the French rap scene in 2023, and he owes this in large part to his time in the season 2 of “New School” ! The young artist from Nantes shone there, demonstrating in particular his raw talent and his exceptional versatility. It must be said that it has been a few years since he stood out by multiplying the projects, and the tele-hook of Netflix should therefore be used to take him to a milestone in his career. ” My primary motivation was visibility “he confesses during an interview with Purecharts and Purebreak, to be found in our video player below.

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A legend to support him

I wanted to go far in the adventure so that people have plenty of time to take in what I do, what I offer, and to get attached to the character. That was above all the primary objective explains Coelho, without hiding his motivation to win the 100,000 euros promised to the winner. Arrived with a favorite status, like other artists like Lpee or Slkrack, because of their notoriety among French rap fans, everything was reset during this competition. ” Once you’re within the walls of the show, there’s no advantage, absolutely nothing different happens. It’s more in the reception of the public. (…) There is a big gap between what people imagine and what is really happening “, he says, he who was presented as one of the most “known” candidates in the rap world after having notably released projects, answered multiple interviews or ensured the first parts of Vald.

However, his artistic project is already particularly successful and integrates within a structure, since he signed on the Tunisiano label of the legendary group SNIPER, long before “New School”. ” He’s someone I listened to, it’s an asset. When you find yourself in the studio, on the writing, on the concerts, it’s always cool to have your opinion, your perspective and your experience too. It’s only more he blurts out about his mentor. Regarding the Netflix program, Coelho relativizes the criticisms that have been madenotably by rapper Sadek who felt that the format had ” any sense “. ” You know what you’re stepping into when you go there. It’s a TV show, it’s a contest. We are not here to show that we are the best rapper of all time. We are there to win events at some point. (…) When you win your battle, you know that you were better at the battle and then that’s it. That’s all there is to know. We’re also here to entertain the people watching. This is not where you’re going to prove to the whole world that you’re the best rapper in the world “, argues Coelho, who had distinguished himself with the titles “Soundcheck” And “MFA”.

On the strength of this experience, which he also considers interesting and constructive, the rapper has just unveiled his new project called “The sun never goes out” on July 7th. A record on which he offers ” slightly more open pieces, but without losing its identity “, which his grandmother – highlighted in the Netflix show – listened to and recommends. It contains in particular a feat with Slkrack, which he had nevertheless eliminated during a test. Among Coelho’s projects? A tour that will pass through Nantes, Geneva, Montpellier, Toulouse, Marseille, Lille or Bordeaux. Tickets are on sale!


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