Norton slashes prices with a really cheap but powerful antivirus

Antiviruses are a solution of choice to deal with hackers who try to destroy your computer or your mobile.

Installing Norton antivirus today will get you 80% off the renewal price, with a price of only 14.99 euros the first year or 60 euros less than the original 74.99 euros. This is a special offer only for our readers, because here you will be able to install the license on three different devices instead of the usual one. By way of comparison, the Norton 360 Deluxe subscription comes with our good plan at 34.99 euros the first year instead of the renewal price of 94.99 euros per year but allows you to equip five connected devices this time. Depending on the amount of equipment you have, it’s up to you to see which offer is the most interesting.

I take advantage of the offer

And for the greediest, it may be the Norton 360 Advanced subscription that will prevail. Indeed, here it is neither three nor five devices that you can equip with Norton’s antivirus, but indeed up to ten. For large families, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Good to know, however: Norton specifies in a note that the prices of some of its subscriptions will increase from August 16 to come. Potentially, the good deal that we present to you today will then no longer be available… We cannot be sure, but in order not to take this risk, you have the possibility of subscribing now.

What are the features of Norton AntiVirus Plus?

With Norton AntiVirus Plus at 14.99 euros the first yearyou can enjoy a “virus protection” which may alert you if malware is detected on your hard drive. Norton also explains that this protection acts “against (…) ransomware”, a real scourge for our data. A DJ who, for example, stores all his new songs and has forgotten to set up a double backup could be really harmed if a hacker were to encrypt them and then demand a ransom in exchange for the decryption. That’s what ransomware does.

I take advantage of the offer

Note, moreover, Norton AntiVirus Plus offers what we consider an additional pledge of confidence by promising: “virus removed or protection fully refunded“. But there are strict conditions to be eligible for this offer. In particular, it is necessary Have a Device Security with Antivirus subscription that automatically renews“. Understand that not everyone is eligible, and that it is important to read the terms of use carefully before subscribing. This precaution also applies to all antiviruses and contracts on the market, so it’s no surprise: don’t panic.

As for other features, note Norton AntiVirus Plus also offers a free evaluation of its software. In short, it’s about testing it before going to checkout. However, you will need to provide a reliable means of payment to take advantage of this benefit, and you may be charged if you do not cancel before the renewal date.

Dark Web Monitoring: what is it?

If you have already viewed Norton’s low prices right now, you may also have noticed that with the Norton 360 Advanced subscription you will be able to take advantage of a feature called “Dark Web Monitoring”. This tool is unfortunately not available in all countries, but offers you the possibility of receiving an alert if your e-mail address is spotted in a database of stolen identifiers on the dark net.

Be aware, however, that, like antivirus, this solution cannot ensure that you detect all threats. Thus, even with the best protection in the world, dangers remain and zero risk cannot be guaranteed by even the most seasoned developers.

I take advantage of the offer

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