one of his old titles is a hit on TikTok… and he’s disgusted!

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The social network TikTok has changed the way its users consume music, in particular bringing forgotten titles back into fashion. Between two dance challenges that propelled hits to the four corners of the world, old songs managed to find a new audience, such as “Dreams” of Fleetwood Mac published in 1977, which went viral following a video of a user, the tube “Makeba” by Jain who is number one in the world currently, or “Moulaga” by Heuss L’Enfoiré and Jul, which has never been so popular when the title was unveiled in 2019! It’s not over since the famous application and its users have once again unearthed… an old Booba title.

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“Not that sound!”

This is none other than the track “Pourvu qu’elles m’aiment”, the thirteenth track from B2O’s fourth studio album, “0.9”, released in 2008. To date, more than 20,000 videos have been uploaded. published on TikTok with this sound, in particular with the sentence “ Drop me your phone-tel, I don’t have time to talk “. A punchline that has however drastically aged in the age of social networks and dating applications! However, this unexpected enthusiasm allowed the hit to rise to first place in the top TikTok France and to record no less than 70,000 new streams on Spotify. An extremely rare feat for a song unveiled nearly 15 years ago.

“I don’t like this track”

Obviously, the Duke of Boulogne, still active on social networks, learned of the news. And contrary to what one might think, he is very far from rejoicing in this unexpected resurgence in popularity. ” Not that sound! “he wrote, annoyed, in a story published on his Instagram account. A logical reaction from Booba! Indeed, it must be said that the 46-year-old artist, who has just made his solo comeback with the single “Sign”has himself already admitted in an interview that the songs he regretted the most during his career were the featuring “Longueur d’avance” with Gims, the former member of the Sexion Assault, and… “As long as they love me”. ” I had a blast, but I don’t like this song “, he conceded then.

More generally, the album “0.9” is perhaps not the best memory of his career. Booba’s record had received a particularly mixed reception when it was released, both from a commercial and critical point of view. The massive presence of auto-tune on the whole project, a great first in France at that time, had destabilized the rapper’s traditional listeners. However, “0.9” remains one of the most influential and “game-changing” albums of this now bygone period, and had thus confirmed that Booba was an innovative artist still in the “Turfu”. The proof with this return to favor on TikTok!

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