Blue Hills Club platform - provides an opportunity to earn on active promotion of the company.
The company thanks to its active members every month for the shares of all funds raised for the purchase of the extracted Osmium resources.

Making recommendations - you can get additional profit from the global turnover of attracted funds. The share that is allocated from the turnover is 5% of the total monthly capital.
Each leader who assembles a structure that brings $ 100,000 into the company's turnover per month receives a share of the funds allocated from the turnover.
During the month, the company's turnover amounted to $ 5,000,000 and 4 people fulfilled the condition in their structures. Thus - 5% of $ 5,000,000 will be $ 250,000, which these 4 people will share among themselves in equal shares of $ 62,500.

We ask each leader whose structure fulfills this condition in a timely manner, namely, no later than the 5th day of each new month, to contact our support service and declare that their structure has fulfilled the condition.
The accrual of these bonus payments for the previous month is made from the 5th to the 12th day of the new month.
If the leader, whose structure has fulfilled the condition, does not apply, then he will not be able to receive the payment, because the funds will already be divided and transferred to the applicants and cannot be refunded.

Table of last payouts of the turnover bonus:

Date The amount of turnover Leaders Amount
01/05/2020$370 000Galakto; Igaldo$9250 each
02/05/2020$410 300Galakto; Kenny; Fame$6839 each
03/05/2020$390 200Igaldo; Binto; Sime$6504 each
04/05/2020$375 900Kenny; Fame; Galakto$9397.5 each
05/05/2020$432 300Galakto; Binto; Dali; Dave$5403.75 each
06/05/2020$449 100Sime; Faith$11227.5 each
07/05/2020$600 500Faith; Kenny; Fame; Hypno$7506.25 each
08/05/2020$589 900Galakto; Igaldo; Dali; Dave; Binto; Sime$4916 each
09/05/2020$711 200GameKing; Kenny$17780 each
10/05/2020$894 690Galakto; Fame; Dave$14911.5 each
11/05/2020$997 950Faith; Galakto; M4nu; N3im4r$12475 each

* - For every $ 10,000 turnover made by the structure, the leader receives a bonus of $ 1,000 to referral payments.
** - To receive a bonus, you need to contact your leader.

The Blue Hills Club wishes all participants success in achieving their goals!

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