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Hello everybody !

I have been working on the launch of a new French-speaking forum dedicated to board games for a few weeks now:

Tric Trac

My idea is to offer a tool open to all, ergonomic, very easy to access, findable by search engines. A space for meetings and structured exchanges that is long-term to allow information to last. A place that brings together old hands and neophytes, lovers of management games and party games.

Currently, the site offers a space to discuss all about games in general, another to exchange on games in particular (present it, give its opinion, ask questions about the rules, propose errata or variants …), a sub-forum to discuss on online practices (BGA, TTS, Yucata…), one to talk physical encounters (fairs, festivals, game bars …) and a last finally for advertise and exchange tips.

Being a gamer myself, I also offer a private space to my colleagues who would like to discuss their professional practices: Which cash register software to use, where to buy bags, find who distributes this or that game… To access this space, you have to let me know by private message after registering.

A central pillar for the success of this project is SEO. So even if I don’t intend to become a content creator, I plan to devote a few months to enriching the site to make it interesting for visitors and for search engines. In addition to launching discussion topics that concern us all, two major projects are underway:
– Thursday 23 February, opening day of the Cannes International Games Festival, we will be two on site to make a photo report and broadcast it live on the site. We’ll take photos of as many games as possible, and post feedback on those we’ve been able to play.
– As a professional, I have access to databases provided by distributors. I would like to automate the creation of topics on all the games of my main suppliers: Asmodee, Blackrock, Gigamic, Iello… Of course, the community can take care of referencing the games, but it’s a tedious task, not very fascinating and already present on many sites. Automating this would be a big plus I think. And this would allow us to take full advantage of a particular feature of PassionJeux.Fun of which I am particularly proud: As soon as a game has its dedicated subject in the section reserved for this purpose, each time you mention the name of ‘a game in one of your messages, a link will be automatically created to this dedicated topic to allow readers to go directly to the file of the game in question (if you write “I love Ark Nova”, all those who read it can click on “Ark Nova” to see details about the game).

Finally, insofar as my objective is above all to provide a tool to a community, I am of course open to any suggestion of modification. Do not hesitate to talk about it here or directly to the dedicated place.

I hope this presentation will make you want to join the adventure and make this tool your own. See even for the most motivated of get involved in its success !

See you soon, there, here or elsewhere!

Tric Trac

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