Seductive Stan Rittner in his first clip, the funky “Who you are”

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It’s during season 10 of “Star Academy” that millions of viewers were able to discover Stan. This young candidate, originally from Vannes and a fan of musicals, stood out with his retro style and his covers of “Play Boys” by Jacques Dutronc or “Dis-moi” by BB Brunettesas well as duets with Louise Attack, Christopher Willem and Fire! Chatterton. Today, the students of this season 10 are launching their solo careers in turn. After Lea (“Stronger”), Julian (“You have time”), Luis (“That you’re lying to yourself”) or the big winner Anisha (“You shine”), it’s the turn of Stan Rittner, his stage name, to take the plunge. To do this, the 24-year-old Breton candidate is betting on “Who are you”, a title with funky 70s accents through which the singer has only one wish: ” Show that you can be an American-style artist in France “.

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“Everything is done with old synths!”

Nothing is sampled, everything is done with old synths, drum machines from the 80s… Computers are just there to record everything notes Stan Rittner in the columns of Gala, he who makes us live the fever of Saturday night in his single “Qui tu es” more disco-funk than ever. ” Whatever the setting, we’re fine / It doesn’t matter if your heart is close to mine / I love when your silent looks / Scream that we’re going to fall in love » he whispers, more lover than ever: « Where do you come from ? Who are you ? / Being with you just thinking about it / I saw the first time right away / That I was going to fall into your arms “. Stan says he put ” All [son] heart and [son] talent in this song, released last Friday.

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The cover of the single, where he holds a disco ball in his hand, is an explicit reference to the cult of the “Thriller” of michael jackson, while he raises the temperature on social networks where he posts photos and videos of him shirtless. The salient muscles he sports in the clip for “Who are you”, retro as you wish with his very 80s look, his choreographies and his seductive smiles! At the same time, Stan Rittner works a lot and multiplies projects since he has passed tests ” for a series for France 2 and a first feature film for the cinema “: ” I work a lot, I don’t give up, because I knew the real work would start after the show. So yes, it’s work, anxieties, fears, because I do everything in self-production but it’s cool to have this responsibility, but suddenly, I work hard “. To keep the disco-funk spirit highlighted on the single “Qui tu es”, he hopes to collaborate with Gloria Gaynor and the group Imagination (“Just an Illusion”) on his first album. A deluxe cast!

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