Slimane in tears in “The Voice Kids” (VIDEO)

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There season 9 of “The Voice Kids” in full swing every Tuesday on TF1. And in the coaching team, the newcomer Slimane shines with his often accurate analyses. And does not hesitate to let his heart speak, or even to express his emotion during certain blind auditions. This is still the case this Tuesday with the performance of a young candidate Marika, who came to resume “A flower of you” of Vitaa. A symbolic song for Slimane since it was with this title that he himself presented himself at “The Voice” in 2015, before experiencing the flamboyant career that we have known since, and to bind an unfailing friendship with Vitaa. And this title changed his life, as Slimane confides from his red armchair: “ What’s weird is that basically it’s not my song. But what you say [il s’adresse à Patrick Fiori, ndlr]there is a real trick because even Vitaa said to me “It’s your song now too”. And it’s true that this song changed my life, really “.

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“It’s not revenge…”

The throat knotted by emotion, Slimane then recalled how his journey was strewn with pitfalls. ” I was 27 when I came to “The Voice”. I had done all the castings in the world and the door had never been opened to me. And “The Voice”, the door was opened wide for me and I found myself on the coach’s bench with all of you… Honestly, you can’t know what it is for me he throws tears in his eyes: It’s not revenge, I’m not a revengeful person, but damn it feels good! It really feels good to tell yourself that sometimes life is good and that stories can end well too, even when it takes time. “.

“The Voice, it changes people’s lives”

He then turned to the young candidate to give her valuable advice, while he was still under the influence of emotion: “ Your story, maybe, it’s going to be difficult sometimes. And in the end, the important thing is to always fight because if you don’t believe it in advance, no one will believe it. (…) If in your heart, you believe in it, it’s for music, life, for whom you’re going to love… If you believe in it in the bottom of your heart, it’s because it’s is the right decision, the right path “. And to continue: And me “The Voice”, it was the right path. It changes people’s lives. It changed the lives of my family, my friends, everyone. And thank you from the bottom of my heart “. And in front of the tender gaze of the coaches, Slimane wanted to thank both Florent Pagny that Patrick Fiori : “ Florent, who gave me my chance, who was there. And Patrick, I wanted to tell you in front of everyone, the other artists who reach out to you, there really aren’t many in this profession, and you are one of them “. Words that go straight to the heart of the main stakeholders!

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