Slimane’s rant about school bullying

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The second night of the blind auditions of “The Voice Kids” season 9 again introduced viewers to powerful stories. Whether Slimane was moved to tears hearing his own song “Des Milles de je t’aime” resonating in the voice of Maëlys, he also felt a deep injustice listening to the path strewn with pitfalls of Lilou, 14 years old and coming from Montlouis-sur- Loire to deliver its message. ” Again last year, I was very, very reserved. I was judged a lot for what I was and who I was. Singing is what really helped me overcome my shyness. Today, I no longer want to listen to people, I want to do what I want and give my all in everything I do. proclaimed the young budding artist in front of the TF1 camera, victim of school harassment. Through his choice of song, “kid” of Eddy de Pretto but in its version signed Barbara Pravishe wanted to transmit strength to the other children: “ Tonight I come to take my revenge “.

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“I received a lot of teasing”

All in intensity, Lilou had a hard time finishing her song when she realized that the coaches of “The Voice” were turning around one by one, captivated by the sincerity of her words. It was with sobs in her voice that the high school student ended this superb performance. ” Before I was shy and I received a lot of teasing. This song speaks to me because it says that we must not listen to the judgment of others she explained to Nolwenn Leroy, Patrick Fiori and Kendji Girac, very touched by his explanation. ” You are quite right. It’s amazing… You came here and you shocked us all, you rip our hearts out with your voice. You are a real singer, you are whole. (…) We need this kind of commitment so that there is no more pain, whether in schools, in the street, on the networks… pleaded the singer and Eva’s young dadwhile Patrick Fiori hailed his ” courage “: ” You tell your story but you tell that of others, that’s what is wonderful “.

“Music is made to get louder, stronger”

Slimane, who also went through difficult times at school, gave Lilou valuable life advice. ” The scars of everything that’s been done to us, that’s what makes an artist. On the other hand, it is important that it just becomes scars and to close them. Because there is only like that, that afterwards, one can tell, sing and get better. Music is made to get louder, stronger. Be who you want to be, who you are. Freedom is the greatest gift that life has given us as human beings. Be free all your life he recommended, in a paternal tone.

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The best friend of Vitaa then took the floor again, a while later, to bring some reflection to this great debate on bullying, which no longer stops at the school gates today but also at home, via social networks. Several candidates from “The Voice Kids” have had a similar experience to that of Lilou. ” There are many who have come to tell us that. It’s something we don’t talk about enough. It’s not possible to hurt yourself so much! At some point, you’ll just have to let others be who they are… Besides, what do you want us to say to you? With all the talent you have, with the face you have! he added, full of benevolence. Words that convinced the candidate to join her team for the rest of the adventure!

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