the comedy of the summer? The event film creates the surprise

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Barbie: the comedy of the summer?  The event film creates the surprise

BARBIE FILM. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie hits theaters on Wednesday. Early viewers got to see it, and it’s not the movie you might expect. Reviews of critics.

[Mis à jour le 19 juillet 2023 à 13h43] The day long awaited by moviegoers has arrived. THE cinema outings of this Wednesday, July 19 offer two films that have been attracting the curiosity of spectators for many months: Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan and Barbie by Greta Gerwig. Two rooms, two atmospheres.

For those who would be tempted to see the Barbie movie, know above all that it is not a simple live action adaptation of the adventures of the Mattel doll. In the first opinions published by spectators and the press after the previews, it is a resolutely feminist film which does battle with the patriarchy which is described. Between the totally seduced, the disappointed and those who are more divided, an overview of the opinions on the Barbie film before discovering it in theaters.

As Le Point says: “Just because it’s pink doesn’t mean it’s stupid”. Viewers call this comedy boosted by “feminist”, “deeply funny and embodied”, “intelligent” “touching and necessary”, the praises are not lacking. On the side of the specialized press, opinions are sometimes more measured. For Première, “Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are divine in this wacky and malignant comedy”, Le Figaro, for its part, finds that the film “takes the opportunity to settle accounts with the patriarchy with jubilant humor”.

More measured, Paris-Match salutes the “burlesque worthy of Monty Python” while deploring a “more narrow morality”. Overall, the second part in the human world, more “conventional” according to the opinions, is the main flaw of the film. Le Parisien admits for his part that the film is “nice and blue flower”. For Le Monde, it’s even worse, “the blockbuster signed Greta Gerwig exhibits a “girl power” of the most opportunistic.” Certainly, the film Barbie remains one of the films not to be missed this Wednesday.

Among the reproaches made about the film Barbie, we find the commercial aspect of the film. Blockbuster at 100 million dollars, the marketing campaign around the film has bludgeoned spectators for several weeks with advertisements and derivative products. For Liberation however, if the “marketing [était] frankly tyrannical, the bet is successful for this charming satire which does not allow itself to be devoured by its paradoxes”. For its part, Le Monde finds that “everywhere, all the time, Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach (her co-screenwriter and companion) seem gesticulate in all directions to prove that they keep their hands on the film, ignoring the prerogatives of their employers and the guiding ambition vowed by the CEO of Mattel: ‘Going from a toy manufacturing company, which manufactures articles, to an intellectual property firm, which runs franchises.'”

film profile

Barbie is a film directed by Greta Gerwig which is one of the films expected in the summer of 2023. This live action feature film follows the adventures of a doll who finds herself going on an adventure and discovering the real world, accompanied by Ken. In the casting, viewers will recognize Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the lead roles. The opportunity to discover this adaptation of the cult doll, which also promises to make fun and twist the blow to many clichés. Also in the cast, a myriad of stars: America Ferrera, Will Ferrel, Issa Rae, Simu Liu, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Nicola Coughlan, Helen Mirren, Dua Lipa or even Michael Cera and Kate McKinnon make an appearance. All information about the film can be found below.

Synopsis – In Barbie Land, you are a perfect being in a perfect world. Unless you’re in existential crisis, or you’re Ken. A Barbie doll, judged not to be perfect enough, goes on an adventure in our world.

  • Margot RobbieBarbie
  • Ryan GoslingKen
  • Issa Rae: Barbie (Chair)
  • Simu Liu: Ken
  • Emma Mackey: Barbie (Nobel Prize in Physics)
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir as Ken
  • Nicola Coughlan: Barbie (ambassador)
  • Ncuti Gatwa: Ken
  • Hari Nef: Barbie (doctor)
  • Dua Lipa: Barbie (Mermaid)
  • Ana Cruz Kayne: Barbie (Magistrate)
  • Scott EvansKen
  • Sharon RooneyBarbie (Lawyer)
  • Emeral FennellMidge
  • Michael CeraAlan
  • Kate McKinnonBarbie
  • will ferrell
  • Jamie Demetriou
  • Connor Swindells
  • America Ferrera
  • Helen Mirren
  • Ariana Greenblatt

The Barbie movie is Greta Gerwig’s latest achievement. And if her name means something to you, it’s normal: she is an actress and director of several films. As an actress, it is especially in independent cinema and American authors that we have seen her, as in Sex Friends, To Rome with Love, Frances Ha, Eden or more recently White Noise. Her directing career began in 2008 with Nights and Weekends. But it is above all with Lady Bird in 2017 then The Girls of Doctor March in 2019 that she made a name and a reputation, the two films having been nominated for the Oscars (best direction for Lady Bird and best adapted screenplay for The Girls of Doctor March).

In France, the film Barbie is classified as a general public, which means that everyone can see the film. Be careful though: this is not a children’s film. In the United States, the feature film is even not recommended for children under 13. According to 20 minutes, moreover, “this feminist comedy tackles subjects that are difficult for young audiences to access” and the film was not designed for children, since it deals with adult subjects in a way that younger people will not necessarily understand.

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