the connected ring is becoming clearer, what should we expect?

In addition to connected watches, Samsung is preparing a connected ring. Called Galaxy Ring, would be even more precise than the Galaxy Watch.

Wearables are big at Samsung, and it’s not just watches. The term is often associated with that of connected objects, a category in which we find watches, bracelets and even glasses. However, the notion of wearable technology is much broader and refers to all wearable technologies such as textiles or jewelry such as watches. Connected rings already exist and the segment is so promising that it would interest Samsung.

Korean site The Elec reports that Samsung has begun development of its first smart ring. The latter would be called Galaxy Ring and would be a long project for the manufacturer. Last March, we also indicated that Samsung had registered the product name “Galaxy Ring” with the South Korean and American authorities. The Japanese company Meiko would provide the printed circuits needed to manufacture the ring.

Even more precise than a Galaxy Watch!

When trademarked “Galaxy Ring”, the description mentioned a device capable of collecting health, fitness and sleep data. A rather classic approach that is reminiscent of what watches and other activity trackers already offer. The future ring would replace the bracelets and would distinguish itself by offering more precise measurements than the Galaxy Watch.

The project is still in its infancy and we should not expect the Galaxy Ring anytime soon. Indeed, the ring would only be in “pre-development” and it is not yet known when the device will be mass-produced. Nevertheless, the subject seems to have interested Samsung for years.

The connected ring, future eldorado for smartphone manufacturers?

For the manufacturer, a connected ring would complete its range. We know that connected health is of interest to many players and the Galaxy Watch experience would help the brand to position itself. The fact of offering more precise data could encourage users to take the plunge, especially those who do not wish to wear a watch on their wrist. It should not be excluded that Samsung integrates other functionalities, such as contactless payment. Some rings already available on the market offer this option.

Indeed, the connected ring is not a new concept and the segment already has a few players. We can cite Oura, Aeklys or even Ring Pay, Movano Ring and Circular Ring, but the market remains confidential. The arrival of a player like Samsung could (re)launch the general public’s interest in these rings. There is no doubt that other smartphone manufacturers are following the South Korean giant’s project closely, starting with Apple! As early as 2015, rumors evoked the arrival of an Apple Ring after the filing of a patent by the apple brand. The latter prefers for the time being to bet on its Apple Watch and on a “wearable” of another kind: the Apple Vision. Samsung is also not far away and is preparing its response to its competitor’s mixed reality headset. The duel between Samsung and Apple is far from over.

Closer to home, Samsung will organize a Galaxy Unpacked event next week. It will be about Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5of the Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy Watch6. On the other hand, do not expect to see the Galaxy Ring.

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