the heartbreaking letter from Etienne Daho to Jane Birkin

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Two months after thecancellation of his tour for health reasons, Jane Birkin left us this Sunday, July 16. The press revealed that the singer’s body was found lifeless at her Parisian home, without any further explanation as to the causes of her sudden death. She was 76 years old. From, the world of music pays tribute to the icon of the sixties, while the public goes in droves to rue de Verneuil, in Paris, in front of the house of Serge Gainsbourg, soon turned into a museum, for a final farewell. Upon the announcement of his death, Etienne Daho, heartbrokenreacted on his Instagram account by writing “ Jan. Unimaginable to live in a world without your light “In the caption of a beautiful photo of her in black and white. Today, the one who made his last album “Oh! Sorry, you were sleeping…”published in 2020, takes up the pen in a heartbreaking letter, sent to the media.

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“We wanted to be you”

My Jane. Thanks to your talent, your elegant free beauty, your piquant, macabre and British humor, you accompanied our gloomy adolescence. We wanted to be you, or Serge, or Françoise, or Jacques. Lights in the night. Life made us meet, love each other and I quickly became a friend of the family. I liked your unique voice, high pitched and so singular, your free, poetic and cheeky writing, your commitments. Always honest. Always light. Always too modest and generous, attributing your successes to others. Always » writes Etienne Daho, very affected by the disappearance of the one who had been his friend for a long time, wishing then to restore the image of this chameleon woman: « Maybe some people, who would prefer to place you definitively in a role of Muse charming, will finally realize that you are a complete artist with an alert curiosity. Who could have made your film “Boxes” or written your play “Oh Pardon tu dormais”? Embody Johnny Jane in the film “I love you neither” or “The next fake” directed by Chéreau? “.

Etienne Daho also talks about the making of his ultimate album, on which they shared the duet “Oh! Sorry, you were sleeping…”. ” Three years ago, Jean-Louis Piérot, you and I, formed an army of three to produce your latest album. Amazed as we were by your texts, we accompanied this chapter of your life on record and on stage. Defying all the laws of medicine, a warrior before the eternal, you overcame your suffering, without a complaint and with a smile, to win triumphant victories every evening, in front of an audience moved to tears. A lesson “says the dandy of French song, before confiding in Jane Birkin’s projects:” A few days ago you told me you wanted to get back on stage and hit the road again. Redo this Olympia that you had to postpone. Confident in the future. You will find your parents, Kate, Serge, your friends and your dogs. And we will miss you terribly. Love. Your Daho “.

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