the latest trailer promises us the game of the year 2023

Insomniac invites us to discover the beginnings of this ambitious sequel in a stunning trailer: the wait will be tough.

Definitely, the year 2023 is an excellent year for the video game industry. After The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Final Fantasy XVI and soon Starfieldthen it will be the turn of Spiderman to play the stars. The competition for the game of the year promises to be complicated. After delighting Spider-Man fans and PlayStation gamers in general, Peter Parker and Miles Morales will soon be back in Spider Man 2coming October 20 on PS5.

Repeatedly revealed, this next-gen adventure was already making us dream. But in reality, it was nothing compared to the enthusiasm generated by the last trailer released at San Diego Comic Con in the United States. It is finally time to discover the beginnings of the scenario, the new appearances of the characters as well as the various threats which hang over the duo of Spideys and their loved ones. If the first part and its spin-off have already convinced us, this new episode should make everyone agree. Will you take some symbiotes?

The future of Marvel is in video games

This dramatic trailer is so well done it almost looks like a movie trailer. The Spider-Man franchise could well become one of the best adaptations of the hero on our screens. If Venom had so far captured the attention in the previous excerpts broadcast, followed by Kraven the Hunter at Summer Game Fest, it’s Harry Osborne’s turn to join the dance. Peter’s friend hopes “heal the world” but will end up running to its loss. We already knew that the Lizard would be part of this new adventure, and there is now no longer any doubt about his identity.

So these are three of Spider-Man’s greatest antagonists who will come to play on Peter and Miles’ nerves. The scenario of this title already promises to be much more complex than the previous ones and will then be accompanied by ever more epic clashes. The story trailer is also an opportunity to discover visual enhancements applied to characters and their animations. Mary Jane is almost unrecognizable, while Miles finally sports a haircut that suits him better.

In addition to its mastered gameplay, Insomniac’s Spider-Man franchise now takes advantage of the power in the PS5 for an unparalleled cinematic experience. Let’s get ready to experience a first-person Marvel movie. This only bodes well for adaptation of Wolverine that the development teams have been promising us since the official announcement in 2021. Come on Insomniac, we are waiting for your “Marvel Video Game Universe“History of catching up with the disasters of the cinema…

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