the price of tickets for his concert at the Stade de France in 2024

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The date is now set. Canceled due to riots following the death of young Nahel, Mylène Farmer’s two concerts at the Stade de France, initially scheduled for June 30 and July 1, were finally canceled. postponed to September 27 and 28… 2024 ! A one-year gap due to the very busy schedule of the Saint-Denis arena, between the Rugby World Cup at the end of August, then the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The hosting of the Rugby World Cup France 2023, then the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024, with the preparatory work induced by these events, left no possibility of programming before these dates. These concerts will therefore be the first events hosted at the Stade de France after the Games. “Can we read in a press release, while Thierry Suc explained that this postponement costs a lot of money ».

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What is the price to applaud Mylène Farmer?

But to cover the costs of this postponement, the teams have announced the holding ofa third concert at the Stade de France for October 1. ” She was not in the boxes at all. The itinerary of the tour was defined, we have an assembly time in each city which does not allow us to add dates (…) but there Mylène really wanted to extend rejoices Thierry Suc, even if he knows the challenge represented by these three isolated dates, more than a year after the initial end of the “Nevermore” tour : “ You have to bring together all the artists, all the technicians, all the people around him and tell yourself that in 14 months you have to rehearse “. If he assures that the show will be almost the same, the public can rush to the ticket office which opens this Tuesday, July 18 for this third date at the Stade de France on October 1.

But at what price will the tickets for the concerts be? Fans are asking the question because, during the resale of certain seats before the start of the tour, the prices increased to 50 euros! Indeed, a place in gold lawn went from 125 to 175 euros while the best tickets in gold square now cost 235 euros against 185 euros. But let the fans be reassured: the prices will be the same as when they first went on sale in 2021. Thus, it will be necessary to pay 55 euros in lawn and 125 euros in gold lawn. To be seated, places will be sold at 76, 89 and 135 euros for categories 3 to 1 while the Gold category is at 185 euros. There is no doubt that given the success of the tour (600,000 tickets sold, rave reviews), the concert should be sold out in a few hours…

Ticket prices for Mylène Farmer at the Stade de France

Lawn: 55 euros
Gold Lawn: 125 euros
Category 3: 76 euros
Category 2: 89 euros
Category 1: 135 euros
Category 1 side of stage: 135 euros
Gold category: 185 euros

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