the secret story between a “Star Ac” finalist and Grégory Lemarchal

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There “Star Academy” marked the history of French television and music, by revealing many stars of song like Jennifer, Nolwenn Leroy, Olivia Ruiz or Grégory Lemarchal. In 2004, the latter touched the public in the heart with his powerful voice and his tragic story, being afflicted with cystic fibrosis. In the final, he won 80% of the vote against Lucie Bernardoni, before launching his career with his hits “I’m alive” or “Write the story” excerpts from his first album, before dying in April 2007 at only 23 years old. While his mother Laurence paid homage to him last May, when Grégory Lemarchal would have celebrated his 40th birthday this year, the students of season 4 met in 2020 for thethe album “Let’s stay friends” to raise funds for the Grégory Lemarchal association, founded by his parents.

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“Part of me died too”

He was there. It felt like he was in the room. We were fine. We were happy to be together. When there were more complicated moments, of pain or sadness, we supported each other. As we always have. (…) Often people in this profession say: “We are a family”. But we really are a family! we really love each other explained Lucie Bernardoni in a interview on PureChartsremembering his intense final against Grégory Lemarchal at the “Star Academy” in 2004: ” There was no competition. Experiencing a final like that is a joy because there is no stress. It was an absolutely beautiful memory from start to finish “. Today, the one who is became a coach in the new season tele-hook, and who is now married to Patrick Maktav, candidate for season 1 of “Star Academy”, has just made revelations about the real relationship she had with Grégory Lemarchal at the time.

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In the podcast “With or without sugar”, hosted by Inès Vandamme, Lucie Bernardoni spoke about her career, and in particular the final of the “Star Academy”, shared with Grégory Lemarchal. ” It was wonderful ! “remembered the artist, also referring to the death of his friend:” I would have liked to change 2007 “. But when he left, Lucie hadn’t heard too much from him. ” I didn’t have that many, for other reasons. We had a complicated relationship casually and intense she modestly declared, before opening her heart. ” Looking back, I can say that the day Grégory died, a part of me died too, clearly “dropped the former finalist, touched, before breaking the armor:” You still have to know… It wasn’t my friend Grégory, I actually loved him. I never said “. Today, Lucie Bernardoni is ready to lift the veil on the bond that united her to the singer: ” I’m tired of lying to myself and lying all the time. We didn’t stay together long, but we were together and it was wonderful, he was my great love. I haven’t lost a friend. I always pretended… “.

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