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Britney Spears signs her big musical comeback, a year later “Hold Me Closer” in duet with Elton John. This time around, the singer is once again teaming up with for a new collaboration, 11 years after the tube “Scream & Shout”. Together, they offer the public the electro-pop title “Mind Your Business”, designed to make the planet dance all summer long. But, problem, the song leaked before its release, and criticism multiplied on social networks when it was released. In question ? The quality of the song or the voice of Britney Spears, which fans do not recognize. Some have even done their research and “Mind Your Business” is said to have been recorded around the time of the popstar’s career fiasco album “Britney Jean” (2013). What Britney Spears just confirmed in person during an exclusive interview with vogue.

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“And is that really Britney on it?”

We worked on this song a few years ago, and it was time to re-produce it and share it with my amazing fans. “explains the 41-year-old popstar, a total fan of this title which divides however:” It’s fun, camp and intense – a perfect song for the summer. (…) Will is an incredible artist and partner “. She has just deactivated her Instagram account. Because of the reviews? Incidentally, in an interview for variety, looks back at the negative messages and rumors surrounding the release of “Mind Your Business”. ” When did I record this with Britney? And is it really Britney on it? Yes it is. When did I register it? It does not matter » replies the leader of the Black Eyed Peas, not wishing to dwell on these points. He also explains that his hit “Girl Like Me” for the Black Eyed Peas And Shakira was written in 2008, before finally hitting the headlines in 2021.

It takes time. Not everything has to be instantaneous. If you want to make good wine, there is no instant wine. (…) You have to sit down for a minute… Refine, perfect. Some things come out when they’re supposed to come out ” analysis will.i.amproud of the result of this duet with Britney Spears: “ “Mind Your Business” needed time. Today is perfect “. Since its release on Friday, however, the title has only 1.9 million streams on Spotify. A score well below expectations. Anyway, the producer remains amazed by the singer’s talent: ” His passion… It is explosive. (…) She wants to let go. She is the most inspiring, the most energy-consuming and ready to explode. (…) She is love and passion, perspective and introspection. If she wants me on her next project, I’m here “. Fans don’t hear it that way…

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