This record player designed by Jony Ive costs $60,000

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Jony Ive, the former designer of Apple, joined forces with the audio tradition of the Linn brand to imagine a turntable that has everything to become the new emblem of wealthy audiophiles.

Since leaving Apple in 2019 to create LoveFrom, Jony Ive has multiplied collaborations and works, ranging from typography to industrial design. But it was his passion for music and his respect for British audio brand Linn that gave birth to the turntable. Probek LP12-50a special edition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the LP12.

Discreet changes to retain the turntable’s iconic look

This turntable, whose first version dates back to 1973, is a real icon for audiophiles thanks to its modular design allowing users to improve and personalize their device over time. A quality that has won the loyalty of a community of music lovers loyal to the brand, despite its high price.

The idea of ​​a collaboration between Ive and Linn was born from a telephone conversation between the designer and Gilad Tiefenbrun, CEO of Linn… Even if it started with a misunderstanding! Tiefenbrun having first taken the message from Ive’s assistant for spam… Misunderstandings put aside, this conversation quickly led to a common project.

© Linn

For Ive, the objective of this project was not to upset the emblematic design of the LP12, but to make small improvements, while respecting the acoustic constraints. With his team at LoveFrom, they studied each component of the frame, looking for opportunities to evolve and improve the existing design.

The plate therefore retains its iconic silhouette, but subtle modifications are visible. Thus, the square corners have been replaced by rounded ones, which echo the roundness of the tonearm and the platter. Two contact points on the LP12 have also been redesigned: the power button, replaced with a charcoal-colored aluminum circle, and a bespoke hinge for the dust cover, allowing it to be held at any angle without resistance.

© Linn

What is perhaps most surprising about this project is that LoveFrom made this work pro bono, without a contract or other financial arrangement with Linn. For Ive, this flexibility is essential, as it allows him to work on projects for the love of craftsmanship, without necessarily expecting a return on investment.

This LP12-50, of which only 250 copies will be sold at $60,000 each, is therefore both a demonstration of LoveFrom’s passion for design and a taste of future collaborations with companies like Ferrari, for which Jony Ive works. For the designer, this turntable is a logical outcome of his love for music. After all, it is to him that we owe the design of the first iPod.

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