Tower of Fantasy – Tower of Fantasy 3.0 “Domain 9”: new territory, new bosses, new simulacra and a companion system

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Tower of Fantasy is evolving in version 3.0 and opens the doors to Domain 9, a gigantic new area to explore, with its plot, its threats (a new boss) and new features.

Tower of Fantasy 3.0 “Domain 9”: new territory, new bosses, new simulacra and a companion system

Next August, Tower of Fantasy will celebrate the first anniversary of its launch in the West on PC and mobile platforms. In less than a year, the MMORPGs of Hotta Studio and the editor Level Infinite has already been enriched with several major updates and the game has just been upgraded to version 3.0 with the deployment of the Domain 9, billed as Tower of Fantasy’s most significant expansion to date. Among other novelties, this new content addition opens the doors to a whole new territory to explore, deploys new playable characters (Simulacrums) with their personality and their game mechanics, and offers new features (including a farts customizable and a mentoring system). Overview of the content of Tower of Fantasy: Domain 9 version 3.0.

A new massive and vertical territory: Domain 9

Over the course of updates, the universe of Tower of Fantasy has gradually expanded: in addition to the continent of Aesperia, players have been able to venture into the desert areas of Gobbi with the “Vera” update. (2.0), then in the swampy regions of Miasma Swamp (2.3), before discovering the underwater expanses of the planet Aida with the 2.4 update. Version 3.0 of Tower of Fantasy continues this expansion of the game universe by opening the doors to a ” brand new realm beyond the heavenly gate “. Long isolated from the rest of the world, THE Domain 9 takes the form of a gigantic territory made up of four cities, which draws its inspiration from traditional Asian culture, without denying the use of advanced technologies – this new zone therefore displays the same duality as the other regions of the game, which mix vast wilderness and futuristic sci-fi themes.

Domain 9 nevertheless stands out from the previous territories of Tower of Fantasy by its verticality : Domain 9 extends from the side of a mountain into the skies that players can climb with new abilities, and revolves around flying vehicles (including “dragonfly shuttles”) or multiple air bridges that it sometimes need to be activated by solving puzzles. As you progress through Domain 9, players will also be able to unlock “wings” allowing them to explore this new land by flying freely.

Domain 9 also houses hidden content to discover or decrypt. To encourage exploration of the new area, players can, for example, search for Phoenix statues to activate and improve (by collecting energy in the game world) in order to unlock various rewards – chests or buffs (e.g. fire resistances). Ditto with a sky observation mini-game to identify constellations and thus gradually unlock maps of the areas of Domain 9.

Domain 9
Domain 9

A new boss: Zhuyan

Obviously, Domain 9 is not free from dangers. The zone continues the storyline of Tower of Fantasy and once again confronts players with the threat of entities from Between Space – which the inhabitants of Domain 9, long isolated, have called the Darkness.

In this context, the players will be confronted with new major adversaries and the first of them is A world bossZhuyan. Accidentally awakened in the Black Jade Ruins (the Black Jade Ruins, one of the highlights of the expansion), the boss confronts players not only with his powerful arms but also with his entire body capable of generating waves of lava. In terms of game mechanics, the boss Zhuyan echoes the theme of Domain 9 and forces players to master the verticality of the environment and aerial combat to dodge his attacks and hope to defeat him.

Two new playable simulacra: Liu Huo and Yu Lan

To overcome the brood that threatens Domain 9, the update also unlocks two new playable characters (“Simulacra”) with their own story and above all specific game mechanics.

Liu Huo

We first discover young Liu Huo, young caretaker of the domain of Farewellville (one of the towns of the Domain), displaying a sense of responsibility that is matched only by her will to prove herself, endowed with a big heart which can nevertheless sometimes lead to a somewhat impulsive and angry behavior. Liu Huo’s mission is to protect Farewellville against the invasion of Darkness and to achieve this, as a weapon, she uses a giant calligraphy brush, Pine Comet, which notably allows her to project ink on his opponents.

She will then be joined by Yu lana martial weapons specialist. If she masters the most impressive combat techniques, she is also equipped with a weapon based on advanced technologies, Pian Zhen (Unity) which she associates with the temporal seals of Domain 9 to generate devastating waves of energy – concretely , the Pian Zhen weapon takes the form of energy gloves that increase the power of Yu Lan’s blows. Yu Lan is particularly intended to advance the plot that players will discover in Domain 9.

It should also be noted that players will come across Zeke again, who is reentering the history of Tower of Fantasy – after gaining power and auguring new stories with the protagonists of the MMO.

New Feature: Smart Servants

Domain 9

In addition to content additions, the Domain 9 update also brings its share of new features. It takes the form of a system of chubby little companions likely to accompany the players on their journey: intelligent servants, who more or less play the role of farts.

Once unlocked, a smart minion can be customized and upgraded (the player can give it a name), including through skill modules that activate specific bonuses for the owner. The player can choose these modules according to his style of play and the bonuses sought, in addition to improving them to increase their effectiveness, especially in combat.

A mentoring system to better welcome new players

Finally, as we know, one of the key issues for MMORPG operators consists of both retaining active players and attracting new players. To allow them all to live better together, the Hotta studio imagines a mentoring system. Concretely, veteran players of Tower of Fantasy can recruit a novice player to become their apprentice, or vice versa: the two players will be able to progress together (the veteran will be able to guide the novice) and the two players will receive rewards according to their level reciprocal.

Domain 9
Domain 9

In addition, Domain 9 is a particularly vast region that the developer intends to exploit more in the future. Future updates could come to expand the different areas of Domain 9. Similarly, the developer also promises a series of adjustments and optimizations aimed at improving the playing comfort of all Tower of Fantasy players, whether they are novices or veterans. These adjustments are expected in the next updates of the MMORPG, but already, the Domain 9 brings for example a rebalancing of the system of rewards of Wormholes (adventures in the universe of Tower of Fantasy), in order to better valorize the exploits of the players.

Until then, the major update is accompanied by a series of events and animations organized in the game universe, allowing all players (newcomers and seasoned players) to obtain rewards and to facilitate their exploration of Domain 9. For the record, Tower of Fantasy is distributed free-to-play on PC and mobile platformspending a PlayStation version next August.

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