We played it, here’s what you need to know about the successor to FIFA!

Slightly revised gameplay

In gameplay, EA Sports FC 24 will just refine his copy, while adding small novelties. Already know that hypermotion V will return. This technology makes it possible to collect a lot of data on real matches played, and to use them to transcribe the animations in game. In total, it will be no less than more a billion pieces of data collected for this new title, which will offer new animations for just over 1200 players in total. We should thus expect to have new, fresh animations on the players, in order to embellish the gameplay and thus have matches that are a little more realistic.

Among the few novelties to mention, know that we will regain control of our sprint, but also more precise passes and lobs. By pressing the R1 button, you can indeed intensely control your sprint, and thus better manage one-on-one if you try to pass on the wings. This will certainly give players additional freedom to dribble better. What’s more, there will therefore be these precise passes and lobs. Once again with the press of a single button, you will be able to make more precise through passes on the ground or in the air, in order to find your attacker in the last meters or in very small spaces. The precise lob will also be something more controlled, and we’re really curious to see how that will be handled on matches.

Suffice to say that these little touches will hopefully improve the gameplay, which will once again be based on some retouching on protection and ball physics. Already introduced in the previous part, ball protection will still be a fierce battle between the ball owner and the attacker. This will also be greatly influenced by playstyle, a technology used to transcribe the particular movements and dribbles of each player such as Erling Haaland, De Bruyne or M’bappé for example. Hopefully this won’t unbalance the gameplay too much between strong and weak teams, especially defensively. As for ball physics, it will be better polished than on FIFA 23which should benefit from more credible trajectories. For the rest, that’s all there was to remember new software may bring a real revolution, even if the doubt is allowed with these beautiful promises.

Menus, Ultimate Team and Career slightly reworked

There where EA Sports FC 24 will also have a new look, it will necessarily be on the menus, even the career mode of the game. As we were able to observe during the conference or even on the demo of the game, the title of EA will offer menus diametrically different from what was done before on FIFA. Here, it will be menus that are vintage to say the least, reminiscent of the first FIFAs. To see if from now on, the ergonomics will be on the other hand at the rendezvous on the main menu – it seemed to be the case -, but also on the other modes, which is for the moment impossible to verify.

As for the career mode now, know that it will be split into two parts. Indeed, the career mode manager and player version will be two different entities, which will necessarily allow players to find their way around. For the rest, apart from this detail, it must be admitted that the novelties will not really be legion. The only big novelty that we could note, it will be at the limit of more advanced end cutscenes when your team wins the Champions League, or when your player wins the Golden Ball.

We are therefore waiting to see what will happen in the final game, including the career mode interface which here does not seem to have changed too much. Of course, as always, we will have the preparation matches in the career mode, but also the training system, which can then give bonuses to some of your players during the matches. Apart from that, this is clearly all that we will remember from this career mode which will be complete, of course, but which will be improved by small touches.

We end with the Ultimate Team mode. The latter will jointly welcome male players, of course, but also female players. Thus, Ultimate Team will welcome six women’s competitions with the women’s premier league, the champions league, La Liga, D1 Arkema, the Bundesliga as well as the American women’s championship. It’s more of 74 teams, and 1600 players that the mode will welcome.

Furthermore, note that it will be directly possible to improve the cards of your footballers. To put it simply, you will have the ability to improve your player’s overall score by completing challenges, and thus make him evolve in his many areas. In short, this is all that we can note in the novelties of Ultimate Team, with also the addition of the gameplay features of the software, including the playstyle.

Clubs and Volta always connected, with Cross Play

Already, the first big announcement for these game modes will be the arrival of crossplay. In other words, it will finally be possible to play with players from other platforms, which was not possible in the previous episode. Good news then, and both modes will also have a new season system. A redesign that will necessarily please the players, especially since there will be play-off systems between clubs.

Everything is therefore exciting, and the focus will also be on further customization. Banners, through stadiums, the customization side will not be outdone for your own club. Your own player will also have cosmetic items available, which will be added over the year after the title’s release. On the other hand for Volta, nothing new announced. Too bad that this mode, however promising, ended up just merging with Clubs…

Our first impression on the demo

On the few matches that we were able to play on the demo provided by EA – because for dark reasons, the kick-off mode to play was then no longer available… -, the result satisfied us on certain points, much less on others. Already, the speed of the game is a tad slower than FIFA 23, which may portend a slightly more interesting game build. What’s more, the new animations offered are clearly hitting the target whether it’s defensive or goalkeeper interventions. Here, EA Sports FC 24 seems for the moment in line with its predecessor, while erasing certain imperfections of the previous opus.

Besides, the defensive interventions seem suitable for the moment like the physics of the ball, actually better reworked and more credible on the passes or the crosses. Red card on the other hand on the strikes, which have not fundamentally changed for several years, and there is little chance that this will be corrected on the final version. However, the surprise comes from the super shot, which this time seems less disproportionate, and much more controlled. We just hope that this feature does not hit half the time on this opus, but it seems to be on the right track in any case.

Finally, we note in the pleasant surprises, the responsiveness of the guards, but also the precise passes that do the job. Our last ramparts manage to get out of high class saves, and come out a little faster than before to counter the shots of the opposing attackers. They are currently still weak on well-placed or long shots, but overall, it’s not that bad. For precise passes, even controlled sprints, this gives the players additional balls, in order to find the last pass more easily, more precisely, but also to better negotiate one against one, while keeping practically the same running speed to destabilize the opponent by dribbling. Clearly, these new features can bring a significant plus in the game.

If you were expecting a revolution on team compositions, eliminate your last hopes because it will not be the case. Despite a slightly redesigned interface, be aware that we will find more or less what was done on FIFA 23. This is news that will certainly disappoint fans of the license, but it will still be necessary to see if this new opus will offer two or three additional things on this aspect when it is released. When we think that the developers at the conference sold us a total management system, we therefore ask to see everything in practice on the finished product.

On the content of this demo also, we find Manchester City and Paris, but also two other teams on the side of the women’s teams in a simple kick-off mode. We don’t quite know when the demo will be available yet, but note that for now, EA Sports FC 24 looks in line with what FIFA 23 offers, with moreover a graphic aspect which has not fundamentally changed for the moment. It is worth remembering that the title is still in the development phase, and that changes could happen between now and the official release of the software.

As you will have understood, EA Sports FC 24 seems promising on its proposal to build on the additions of previous components, while trying to adjust the balancing of matches with some welcome new features. This taste has given us good hope, even if we are waiting to see more, and especially to know if the promises made will really be kept for once. Of course, this will be confirmed on the final game, which will be released on September 29 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switch. You can also take a look on our previous articledetailing some additional information.

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