What did Jane Birkin die of? The causes of his death revealed

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The music world is in mourning over the disappearance of Jane Birkin this Sunday, July 16. By revealing the information, The Parisian simply wrote that the singer has been “ found dead at her Parisian home “. But what happened? The public knows that the health of the interpreter of “I love you…me neither” was fragile since his slight stroke occurred in September 2021. After a few months of rest, and without any sequelae, Jane Birkin was finally back on stage in January 2022 beforecancel several concerts following ” health problems “. It was then said ” unfortunately unwell ” Or ” injured sometimes at the ankle, sometimes at the shoulder blade.

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“A fierce battle against the disease”

I have always been a great optimist, and realize that I still need a little time to be able to be on stage again and with you. I love being with you so much. I miss you “had finally written the icon of the sixties, forced tocancel his tour last May. ” Defying all the laws of medicine, a warrior before the eternal, you overcame your suffering, without a complaint and with a smile, to win triumphant victories every evening, in front of an audience moved to tears. A lesson » wrote Etienne Daho in a moving letterwithout saying more about the evil that gnawed at her, while Josiane Balasko “ knew her sick ” but ” thought she was better “. His grandson Ben Attal, son of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal, had also recently confided in his health : “ I just found her. I hadn’t spoken to him for a very long time. (…) Today, I see her vulnerable, in need… There is something that has faded in me and I just need to be there for her “.

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In a joint statement, his daughters Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg broke the silence on the condition of their mother, who had battled leukemia twice since 1998.” Jane Birkin is gone after 16 years of a fierce battle against the disease, since her stroke in September 2021, her family and the wonderful caregivers have been by her side night and day. For the past few days, she had been walking again, was motivated to reprogram her Olympia and had decided to regain her independence. This first evening alone will have been the last. She had decided ” they write, before specifying to RTL that there is ” no implied in the last sentence which some have interpreted as assisted suicide. Then, with AFP, Jane Birkin’s family revealed that she had died ” of natural cause “. According to his entourage, Jane Birkin’s funeral will take place ” in the intimacy of family and friends, by invitation “.

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