who is the pilot of episode 5?

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The Secret Invasion series invites some familiar faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Did you recognize the pilot of episode 5?

In less than a week, Secret Invasion will bow out on Disney+. Announced as the meeting of many iconic characters, this is at least the case on paper, the series worn by Samuel L. Jackson has so far only summoned second knives from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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In front of Ali Selim’s camera, acolytes of legendary heroes parade in turn. Everett K.Ross, James Rhodes or Maria Hill, the creation of Kyle Bradstreet highlights those who had to settle for the background until now. If some of his appearances have not escaped the regular spectators of Marvel, others are more difficult to flush out. Episode 5 thus invites one of its faces that is difficult to recontextualize.

From Black Widow to Nick Fury

After having suffered an important defeat, and losing his partner Talos along the way, Nick Fury offers himself a short stay in Finland. The threat that Gravik represents is more pressing, he plans to accede to one of the requests of the leader of the dissident Skrulls. But before embarking on such a trip around the world, Fury must find a safe means of transport. He thus calls for a pilot, whose face immediately recalls something. This character is none other than Rick Mason, who had come to the aid of Natasha Romanoff between the events of Civil War And Infinity War. A former SHIELD agent, he is now a self-employed worker who works far from government radars. The protagonist has been camped by OT Fagbenle since the movie directed by Cate Shortland. This is only his second appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s unclear at this time if this is just a sidekick or if Marvel has ambitions to bring him back in the future. His presence is not surprising, he must have rubbed shoulders with Fury for a long time during the SHIELD era

A daunting finale?

We cannot say that Secret Invasion fascinates the crowds. Its launch is among the least successful for Marvel on Disney+. According to Samba TV, the series only collected 994,000 homes for its launch weekend. That’s only 200,000 more screens Miss Marvel currently in last place. If Disney + does not share the audiences of its productions, the return of Nick Fury seems to have been emulated less than expected. There is only one week left to raise the bar, before Loki make a comeback at the start of the school year.

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