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(mash, adjust the sound with the key of twelve, there, French… Uh, agent FD… As we learned in training with agent GW and agent FB…)

oh, that’s better…

On this day today, we, Pouic Institutional Liberation Front, the FLIP… Huh?!?… Ah it’s already taken? But why didn’t you tell me in the meeting, girls?… I’m back, don’t cut the recording, we’ll do that during the editing…

On this day today, we, Tribe Restricted and Indignant For the Assured Total Redemption of the Pouicabove-named TRIP TRAP movement, we had to come to this:

Tric Trac

Ah mashed, there had to be a title like that

right on today, what… Grrr

We will not compromise with our negotiations and as you see, we are ready for anything, and even to throw dice in the face of our detractors if necessary, but we must be heard. !!! If, thus, you wish to see again this Pouic which you, and us, is so dear, here are our complaints:

– We want and claim the thaw of news on the future of Tric Trac (hey, that name means something to me, doesn’t it?… In short…);

– We call for the reinstatement of Pouic, Axolotl by name, in the nomenclature of good old Tric Trac;

– We also want all the videos where Mr. Guillaume loses are returned so that the conspiracy against him finally breaks out… (huh?… What do you mean, we hadn’t talked about it, but of course only if, but since it was an aperitif, you weren’t listening anymore … rhoo and then damn, it’s in the box, we keep!)

– That finally ceases this eternal joke of re-edition of Full Metal Planete for the first of Apriland that, really, this game and its extension with the modular board are coming back to our favorite ludicaires so that the playful world realizes that we are no longer in 1988, no but!

Tric TracIf you do not respond favorably to our requests…

Gloomhaven will fall!… Paf!!!

There you go, you can resume the normal course of your lives as players, but let those who know know that we know and that we are observing them… Besides, you, there, who has just placed a clue token on Pagan, casually, while your playmate witch was reading these few lines, you stop! And you too, you just removed a “distress” marker from your etherfields while playing cooperatively, stop!

Don’t worry, no Pouic was mistreated during the photo shoot, but it had to be serious otherwise we would have taken our movement for a joke again, so…

MG Agent

Tric Trac

As you can see, we are not kidding at all!
Photo credit: Florian Belmonte

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