Xbox launches voice reporting feature to counter online toxicity

To combat toxic behavior in online chats during multiplayer games, Xbox is launching a new voice reporting feature. This measure is part of a broader approach to securing the online experience of players.

Xbox has launched a new feature for its players aimed at combating online toxicity. Currently available only to members of the Xbox Insiders program, this feature allows you to capture a 60-second video clip of an in-game voice chat and submit it to the Xbox security team for review.

Reporting in-game voice incidents

Operation is simple and allows gamers to report inappropriate behavior without interrupting their gaming experience. A video clip can be captured and retained on the gamer’s console for 24 hours. If an incident is reported, the Xbox security team evaluates it to determine if the breach occurred. Then, a detailed notification is sent to the player who reported the incident, explaining the result of the evaluation and the reasons for the decision.

As a gamer, I often find myself choosing silence in online multiplayer games to avoid abuse and harassment. “explains CamicaziBoss, Xbox ambassador. ” This type of functionality can help give voice back to people like me. No one should shy away from interacting with their playmates for fear of speaking out “.

Clips recorded using this new feature are for content moderation purposes only. They will not appear in recent captures and clips cannot be downloaded, edited or shared. Only the player has access to the clip until the transfer with the report. Xbox does not record or upload voice clips without player consent.

This new device is part of a broader effort by Xbox to make the online gaming experience safer and more inclusive. It is the latest addition to a series of reporting tools covering text, image, video and now voice. The company encourages all players to show solidarity and report any incidents of online toxicity. This measure should help gamers feel protected and build a healthier gaming community on Xbox. By making it quick and easy for players to report inappropriate behavior, Xbox hopes to create a more welcoming environment.

After a test phase with members of the Xbox Insiders program, the voice reporting feature will be gradually rolled out in English-speaking markets: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The goal is to extend this functionality to other languages ​​in the future.

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