Nightingale – Exploration game Nightingale finally gets a third-person view

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Nightingale’s latest testing phase brought together more than 8,000 testers and their feedback was instructive. Among other things, the exploration game will have a third-person game mode.

While waiting for early access, which is scheduled to launch this fall, Nightingale is regularly tested and the latest one already brought together 8,000 testers. The studio teams Inflection Games saw it as a way to test their infrastructure and game mechanics in real conditions with a large number of players and obviously, the tests proved to be fruitful. In a new video development diary (below), the studio indicates, for example, that it has identified malfunctions that prevented players from joining the game universe, the source of the problem has been identified and a fix has been deployed in the stride.

Player feedback has also been instructive, and several quality of life updates have been incorporated. In the lot, we retain for example the possibility of climbing the walls of the game universe from its first steps in the Nightingale universe (a practice clearly appreciated by the players) or the fact that the players can now choose the level difficulty of the kingdom in which they are venturing – some will be content to explore for the pleasure of discovery (the testers particularly praise the quality of immersion in the game universe) while others will be more in quest for challenges and rewards.

A third-person view, still experimental

Third person view

Perhaps even more notable in terms of player expectations: Nightingale will finally also be playable in third person – and not only in first person as currently. Nightingale’s main game mode remains a first-person view, but eventually players will also be able to opt for a rear view – for example for those suffering from motion sickness, and for whom a third-person view is More comfortable.

At this point, third-person mode is still very experimental in testing and needs a lot of tweaking, but the developer is working on it and hopes to roll it out by the time Early Access launches this fall.

According to the developer, there is still a lot to do before the launch of Nightingale, including many adjustments and rebalancing, particularly in the progression process or to improve the readability of certain game mechanics. of a next phase of testing before early access. It is not yet dated, but players will be notified, in particular via social networks.

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