Firewall Ultra will mix ballistics and VR on August 24 – News

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Firewall Ultra will mainly take the form of a 4v4 multiplayer FPS where two teams of mercenaries with unique skills compete to defend or steal highly secure data. Defenders must swarm the area with traps while attackers must carefully infiltrate and take down computer defenses one by one before getting their hands on the big prize, a laptop. If the formula will not blow the fans of the first episode, First Contact Entertainment also specifies that a new PvE mode against AIs and a hub social with shooting range will inflate the initial proposal. A new PvP mode in two winning rounds (rather than three) will also be available for mercenaries in a hurry.

The right tools for the right job

From a technical point of view, Firewall Ultra prides itself on fine light management thanks to the Unreal Engine 5, which more generally enhances decorations and textures. A new gameplay video, available below, takes us on an oil rig in the middle of the Mediterranean, and we have to concede that it looks great. New dedicated servers will improve the online experience (that’s the promise). But more importantly, the PS VR2 will be used to beef up the gameplay with well-thought-out tricks, such as the ability to close one eye to stabilize your aim or hide your eyes to escape flashbangs. It’s silly, but you had to think about it. The haptic features of the Sense controllers will be used to better feel the recoil of weapons or let you signal to your team like a true leader.

Now that we’ve had a good laugh, let’s talk money. Available for pre-order today, Firewall Ultra comes in two variants: the Standard Edition at €39.99 and the Digital Deluxe at €59.99. At this price, you will unlock 4 mercenaries in advance – Fang, Meiko, Node and Skip – as well as their alternate outfits. Add four weapon skins and one operation pass (whose content is still unknown) on top of the market. All pre-orders, Deluxe or not, will get the Legendary Reaper X75 weapon as soon as they arrive in-game.

Finally, First Contact Entertainment promises to stay at the bedside of Firewall Ultra as long as possible, and the team encourages you to send them your feedback to influence further development. The follow-up post launch will include”weapons and mercenaries, maps, additional game modes and maybe even a manual reload function after release“. Beautiful promises to be found on the playstation-blog official.

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